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  • Nov 25
  • Airlines
  • Baggage Services
  • 12

I recently departed from the airport in alcoa tennessee and when i boarded my flight to atlanta I was seated in the back of the plane. I was watching out the window as the baggage people loaded our bags and was horrified to see them drop bags out of their truck on the ground and slam them down on the conveyer that goes in the plane. One of the dark haired female employee went as far as making... Read more

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Horrible baggage service by Delta (now we understand its nickname ***-ta) RE baggage mis-service: bag delayed for three days after our arrival in Europe, and continue to await its return to us three days delayed in US !!! Add comment

  • Nov 20
  • Airlines
  • New York, New York
  • Delta Air Lines Flight
  • 6

Original departure 7:05pm. Now 12:27am and still have not departed. Weather then mechanical issue. A 5+ hour delay. We were offered a single complementary glass of water though, so everything is fine. ***! Read more

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  • Nov 18
  • Airlines
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Delta Air Lines Flight
  • 11

I hope you like delays, because Delta is about to make you miss your connection! Just a little background on myself, I travel a lot, and have had my fair share of different airlines. I have only been delayed by one other airlines, and that was Alaska and only because there was an issue with the landing gear (they always kept us informed and immediately ushered us into a standby plane near by). ... Read more

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Employee. All the attention is with the amount of time on each call. Some are short. Some are long. Pray there are more short than long. Supervisors are happy they are no longer dealing with passengers. Add comment

  • Nov 17
  • Airlines
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Delta Air Lines Lost And Found Department
  • 5

I am so upset at Delta of the way that Delta Handles such situations. Your processes need a lot of improvement. You are finding things in Atlanta then not even keeping them 72 hours before you are sending them out to your Processing Center in Alabama Then having them state we are still looking for your lost and found, then sending a reminder in 2 weeks. I left this Daily devotional on the plane. ... Read more

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Three flights in three weeks. I have yet to get seat assignment before getting to the gate. Always by the crapper, always in the middle, always no room for carry on, always severely overbooked. These guys are the *** suckers of the industry. Ought to be out of business and I am here to help. Add comment

  • Nov 15
  • Airlines
  • 1, Chiba Prefecture
  • Delta Air Lines Flight 283
  • 15

I was a happy Delta customer till this travel but you get to know company better only when something bad happens. I took Flight DL283 from LAX to Narita, Japan on 7th Nov. I landed on Japan on 8th and my checked in Luggage was Lost. They apologized and were very polite but bottom line, I had no luggage and I was in deep trouble. With short 12 days company travel, I was on tight schedule and had... Read more

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Oct 9 2015. Delta 415 JFK-DUB. 1hr dep delay while they searched for the baggage of passenger who decided not to fly, followed by 2hrs delay while they loaded commercial cargo. NO cabin service or explanation offered. NO final cabin safety checks done before departure. Missed connecting flight from DUB, had to use hotel. Compensation offer is $25. Add comment

  • Nov 06
  • Airlines
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Delta Air Lines Flight
  • 25

It amazes me how Delta Airlines will charge you a $200 fee just to change a flight regardless of when or how it was booked. Its one thing to wait last minute to make a change but when you book it well in advance and something comes up within 48 hours, how do you justify such a charge? Delta is in the ripoff business. They could care less about providing quality service. You would think that... Read more

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