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I flew from Atlanta to Orlando. I paid extra at booking for an economy comfort aisle seat in the emergency row. Checked in online and had my seat confirmed that I paid extra for. When I boarded the agent issued me a new seat. When I asked why, he said that he was not sure and that I had to sit in my new seat or I would not be allowed to fly. Guess who sat in the seat I had paid for: A Delta employee. I complained through their online customer... Read more

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You guess incorrect . Guess again. Add comment

Could not switch to an earlier flight with vacant seats due to ticket type. I think they'd want to take the 2minutes to switch a customer to an earlier flight if there's availability regardless of their ticket type. suck..I'll try and avoid you in the future. Add comment

New test program at Gate B12 in ATL - liine up by zone - It sucks!!! As a Diamond and 2MM, if I wanted a line up I would fly Southworst Add comment

Customer service doesn't even exist and they gouge loyal customers. If an itinerary change becomes necessary, they do everything they can to make money at the sole expense of the customer. Zero flexibility, zero concern for the customer, and if you complain, their agents hang up on you. Awful!! Add comment

Liars! We got two texts - one saying it was 30 mintutes delayed then another saying it was only 15 minutes delayed. 30 minutes after our original departure time, no plane in sight, I asked the delta guy what was up - we have a baby sitter and need to get a plan in place. He told me the plane just landed! Great! NOPE! 8 minutes later he announced the plan landed - so - 40 minutes after original departure we are scheduled to board. Overall not... Read more

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Bumped out of first class with sorry about your luck for an answer. Add comment

I booked a future Alaska cruise tour & air through RC Cruise Lines and part of the air is unfortunately booked with Delta. So far (in two months time) Delta has canceled the flight I was supposed to be on 2 TIMES...I have to keep rescheduling my flights to get back home making them earlier and earlier - soon I will just have to fly to Canada and then right back home (skip the cruise) to get the Delta connection I need! The cruise is in 3... Read more

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Sitting in the terminal now. Hour 4 of multiple delays, no plane, no crew, plane, but the crew we have can't fly it, need another crew... Uh oh... No plane again. This is BS. Should have stayed with Jet Blue. Add comment

Another four and a half hour delay on a connecting flight. Total hours of delay this trip single round trip is 9 hours. Customer service is non-existent. Delta couldn't care less. NEVER fly this airline unless you like the noise and glaring lights of a Delta terminal. In any case, too unreliable for business travelers. Add comment

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