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  • Jul 18
  • Airlines
  • San Diego, California
  • Delta Airlines Flight
  • 9

Arrived at airport at 10:15 for a 12:45 flight. Saw that flight was delayed 2 hours and never received an email telling me this. Delta sent pizza to the gate and then told us we had another 2 hour wait. The plane arrived however no crew. We were told crew is on the way from Atlanta and we would leave now at 9:30. More pizza delivered and by the way plane hasn't left Atlanta so the plane will be... Read more

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  • Jul 15
  • Airlines
  • Bronx, New York
  • Delta Airlines Flight
  • 25

I’m very disappointed with my last trip at Delta. I missed my trip 5:00 pm trip and arrive at the airport at 6:30 to take the flight that depart at 8:04 pm on July 12, 2015 from Dominican Republic to JFK. I was late because I have to take my newborn nephew to a doctor ASAP. When I arrive to the airport the sales associate tells me that I have to pay the difference of the flight which I can... Read more

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  • Jul 09
  • Airlines
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Delta Airlines Flight 088
  • 21

Having the most terrible experience with Air France (AF995) and Delta (DL088, DL4723), its been 2 days without my luggage. They are good at answering calls with empathy but no real customer service. It took me about 35hrs to get to The Westin Long Beach, a further 2 days has been lost on my side as I'm unable to carry on with my business. Just spending time trying to locate my luggage. They tell... Read more

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First our honeymoon flight from central wisconsin airport was cancelled on Monday due to mechanical problems the next day we had tickets to go again but they screwed them up again @nd we had to take a cab to Madison. Theee hours in the car and we went from first class to Coach. Happy Honeymoon. What a joke. Add comment

I flew home to Atlanta yesterday from Jamaica. All of my jewelry was emptied from my small pouch in my checked bag and stolen. The pouch was left in my suitcase. Add comment

Sitting on tarmac because Delta is only concerned about stats...left the gate .. Die to delays in Nycc but not DTW... Would have rather waited in terminal! Add comment

  • Jun 25
  • Airlines
  • Winston Salem, North Carolina
  • Departures
  • 43

My father who is 76 yrs old could barely walk nor stand not one person would help him n he was stuck in the airport for 15 hrs they even got in his face told him he wasnt on a ticket list when he had boarding pass in his hands n he wasnt getting on a plane until the next day. Unbelievable. What is wrong w u people ? No one helps elders anymore. Lost confused your flight reservatists , attends,... Read more

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Delta left mine and everyone else's luggage in the pouring rain. Everything was soaked when I reached my destination and got my luggage. Never again. Screw Delta Add comment

  • Jun 20
  • Airlines
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Theft Issue
  • 36

an inexpensive $99 GPS unit was most likely stolen out of baggage during its time getting from the airplane to the baggage pickup area in Norfolk. The reason I believe it was stolen there is because it was very late to the pickup area and the last bag delivered. I called Delta as soon as I got to my hotel. That person took down all my details, and gave me a claim number and instructed me to fill... Read more

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Delta flight 1955 to Lax Ca. Departure 4:20pm Vickie S at gate A21 was incredibly rude & disrespectful, were in line needing extra time because we have small children, I attempted to go when she called our zone only to be told to go the other line!!! She was very unprofessional RUDE!!! Add comment

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