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Delta flight landed ran to gate, of course they gave my seat away, closed the door and ask why were you not there? Because the entire plane had carry on luggage and slow to exit previous flight. I did not stop for coffee or a restroom. And they say we are sorry. So four adults took a day off work to sit in an airport to fly the next night to Kona HI. No accommodations to the passengers X4.... Read more

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Get ready because this is going to be confusing and they do this on purpose too. I wanted to visit my ill brother for the weekend with my friend and purchased 2 tickets to Atlanta through I chose Delta for the first time. I paid $284 for two round trip tickets. Orbitz constantly sent me emails and Delta as well. February 5th was my flight and when I punched in my confirmation number... Read more

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We bought two tix to Paris from US six months ahead of time. We carefully selected our seats, together, window, near the front, so we could have a comfortable flight. The day of departure we started getting texts that our first domestic flight was delayed. We called and rescheduled, then another text saying delayed, recalled and rescheduled, then another saying cancelled, recalled and struggled... Read more

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I recently flew Delta Charleston, SC. to Las Vegas, NV. at about $900 a ticket. The final leg from ATL. to CHS was cancelled due to weather and they couldn't get me on a standby so I got a car and drove home. They credited me $88 for that portion. I go to schedule a one-way flight 10 days in advance from ATL. to CHS after returning that company car I picked up. They want $499. Someone needs a... Read more

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I boarded my first flight only to sit like a sardine in a tin can for an additional 40 minutes. They could have waited to board, but things happen. Arrived at the terminal in Atlanta at 10:22am for a connecting flight that boarded at 10:29am. The flight was already boarded and taking off. How is that legal or even possible? I can't believe I have to pay money for this kind of service. I will... Read more

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I booked a roundtrip flight, and then had to cancel because of scheduling. I cancelled my entire flight within 30 minutes of booking it. I called Delta to confirm I had cancelled & and would receive a full refund. The service agent told me everything was confirmed and I would receive a full refund because it was within 24 hours. 8 days went by and I hadn't received a refund yet. I called Delta on... Read more

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My daughter was on a flight from New Zealand via Sydney and LAX to JFK. The last leg was on Delta DL40. When she got onto the flight she was hungry and wanted to buy an in-flight meal. Her visa card failed to read in the onboard card reader that the stewardess presented. She then offered to pay for the meal in the legal tender of the USA: Cash, but was REFUSED! She was left starving for the 6... Read more

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Have you ever tried to use one of these Delta companion certificates. Unless you are headed to Siberia in the Winter it won't work. So every year my Amex companion certificate basically gets wasted. I tried to use it today and they gave me the whole story about classes of service and time before flight to buy the ticket. So I think I will get rid of thinking that the certificate is actually... Read more

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My baggage was delayed more than two days. The delivery guy had me wait until 2am without showing up. Add comment

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I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Delta. I paid over $2,000 plus a $140 upgrade ("DeltaComfort+") for an international flight to Argentina and ended up with the worst flying experience I have ever had. The touch screen looks like it is from the 1980's and works as well as my old 2002 Palm Pilot. The tray table is broken (see attached photo) and is completely detached on the right side so I am... Read more

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