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Detroit Michigan to Syracuse N.Y. Flight delayed. A rude baggage person on a power trip rude disrespectful and mean. I was made to book a later flight. She grabbed me, called the ice and made a high incident out of nothing.

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I've logged several million miles and I'd say, while not perfect, delta does the best job. Their staff seem to care more than others. They never act like they're doing you a favor by letting you on the plane. Go direct. Atlanta is a hassle because of the *** train you take between terminals. Plus. Atlanta has lots of storms in the summer. When I have a choice I choose delra. 2nd best to me is jet blue. Fresh, fun, not run down. Bottom... Read more

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After DR Tamika Cross experience last week with your flight attendant I will NEVER fly delta again.

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On October 17, 2016 checking my husband in for his flight, we had an encounter with the rudest employee EVER!!!! She is a black woman by the name of Tammie S. who is old enough to my mom or grandmother. I came to the conclusion very quickly that she do not like her job and should not be working with the public PERIOD!!! She should be FIRED!!!! And I'm not done with this complaint, I'm taking it further because she don't know us and we don't know... Read more

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Horrible customer service. I was asked to check my bag when there was half a flight of available overhead space on board. When I complained the flight attendants were completely dismissive and rude. I take a carry on for a reason, I have valuables in there. If the overhead is full once you get on then I understand checking the bag. Im very disappointed and we always chose delta over other cheaper options in the past. I guess that's not happening... Read more

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Hello all-I just think it warrants publicly highlighting when a flight is consistently delayed over an hour. I have taken this flight, delta 3431, 6 times in the last 4 months, and it was delayed OVER AN HOUR EVERY SINGLE TIME, and this time it is an hour late and has also changed gates. It is a Sunday night 9:05 PM flight from LGA to Madison-which means Delta does not seem to be at all concerned that they are basically making people come in... Read more

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My wife and I are in our eighties and haven't flown in years. We wanted to see our grandchildren in Louisville, Ky and we booked the cheapest round trip flights we could find for $266.70 each. We had a great flight and Delta treated us royally. We saw our grandchildren. We needed to come home and found out we had to pay another $421.60 each for an earlier departure. We love our grandchildren but we will be smarter about the reservations... Read more

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It was absolutely the most awful travel experience of my life and my family was so stressed out. One month after our survival of a single flight from Phoenix to JFK (our continuing flight to Buffalo was cancelled, we waited at JFK for 9.5 hours until 4:30AM while they "looked" for my infant son's car seat, we had to rent a car to make it to my best friend's wedding in Buffalo, we had to purchase expensive, last-minute tickets for a flight home... Read more

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As we were landing in Madrid on July 7th I got motion sickness. I waited until almost everyone was off the plane, grabbed my carry-on and headed to the bathroom to change. When I got out of the bathroom, the only people left on the plane were the cleaning crew and the flight attendants. A couple hours later I realized that I had left my rope chain with my wedding ring/engagement ring, a silver cross, and a mother/child pendant with 3 diamonds... Read more

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I hate delta airlines. I had 3 unoccupied minors and the person that was checking us in had no ideal what he was doing. By the time we tried to go through security the boarding pass had only one childs name on it, we had to go back to the person then they miss their flight. I then had to sit a couple more hours with them for the next flight

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