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Feel like you do not want to fly on Delta anymore, i just about walked off the plane after having 5 flights have mechanical probems in 6 days. Electrical, water supply, air conditioning, you name it.

One day it took three flights and 9 hours to get 1,000 miles from being sent all over because of probems. I am beginning to think Delta is using duct tape to keep there planes in the air. I have even asked some foriegn carriers to raise heck with US FFA to get premission to fly into the USA so i can fly on them instead of Delta.

When you have people calling them Delaid Airlines you know there is a problem.

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I had two domestic flights cancelled with Delta this year because of mechanical problems. I don't know how comes but plane tickets are much cheaper in Europe, service is much better, plus there is a law in EU when your flight is cancelled Airline company have to pay you.

US Airlines sucks. When I am flying with Austrian Airlines and switching plane from US Airways, American Airlines or Delta it is like getting from old chevy to new BMW. Service, plane, meal, everything is much, much, much better. Funny part is that plane tickets withing Europe are cheaper than those in US...

And I know that fees to use airspace and flying over EU is much expensive than in US. Well that's what you get when you have 4 major monopoly companies backed up by unions and goverment = COMMUNISM ! US FFA get competition here! Freedom!

Any company should be able to provide even domestic service in USA. And let those crooks run out of business!

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