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My boyfriend and I travelled to NYC and Punta cana in June. When we got to JFK my baggage wasn't there.

We flew to Punta Cana the next morning. It took Delta almost 6 days to deliver my baggage. We spend alot of our money until we got it and called them 3-4 times a day to get information. We send a 2 page complaint letter to them and they haven't done anything.

It took 5 months to get our own money and we haven't got any compensation yet. It has now been almost 8 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Baggage Policy.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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How about when you luggage is "delayed"for four weeks, which is my case. Is there compensation then?

because DELTA still doesn't want to give me anything for all of my wasted time. They don't even want to pay for the new bag that I needed and bought while my bag was stuck in their luggage purgatory.


There is not compensation for delayed luggage, which is your case, your luggage was not lost, you got it after 6 days.

Calling them 3, 4 or even 20 times a day won't make them find the luggage any faster, it just annoys the *** out of the person trying to locate your bag. There's an online tracking on that gets updated as soon as new info is available. Use that instead.

Did you have an address/phone/email tag outside AND inside your luggage? That makes things a lot easier for everybody.

Carry a credit card with luggage protection so that they refund your necessary expenses.

Millions of bags are handled every day, expecting that none of them gets misplaces is just wishful thinking. I had mine delayed 5 times in 3 years by other airlines and I don't throw a fit.

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