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REGARDING DELTA (OR WHAT I CALL, AIR HELLTA) - As a recent victim of Delta at their hub airport in Atlanta ... a combination of a scam on their part, abuse and rudeness by one of their gate agents and after appropriate complaints to their HQ, they minimized the whole experience and offered me a $50 gift card (of which I never received)...

the full story is actually quite scary and would scare most people from flying with them ... As a national TV program producer in the innovation and travel sectors, I WILL NEVER FLY with them again and my company, all 50 associates are also being told to avoid this toxic airline ...

no free parties or creative events will convince me otherwise ... Go with Jet Blue or Southwest ...

Review about: Delta Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Color of the carpet.

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The fact that the whole "scary" story isn't on here tells me this is BS. Tell us what happened or don't expect anyone to believe that there's an issue.

to Anonymous Mission Viejo, California, United States #1340834

dear mr anonymous ....

go screw yourself ....

who the *** are you to question my experience ...

to dpdurban #1341691

Judging by your banal and childish response, I'm guessing the the original poster is right.

Most adults who know how to act don't have complaints like yours.

Please do not reproduce if you haven't already.

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