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I cancelled the return flight on a $1200 ticket after taking the out bound. I was hoping for a credit toward a future Delta flight.

The answer as seen below, was the return ticket had ZERO VALUE!!!#% I am SO GLAD merchants ALL across AMERICA & MOST of the world ALLOW refunds & exchanges! Too bad the airline industry discourages folks from flying due to their seemingly, "SCREW the customer policies", of charging outrageous fees for rescheduling & refundable tickets! So glad Amazon & Walmart value their customers by making returns & exchanges hassle free & FAIR! Hopefully Walmart, Amazon, or another customer friendly outfit will soon be running the airline industry!

Just think of how great it would be to schedule a flight, knowing one could make last minute changes, without taking out a 2nd mortagage! On Nov 3, 2017, at 15:49, Contact Delta wrote: Hello Maria, RE: Case Number 25710468 Thanks for contacting us. It must be frustrating to feel like you weren’t heard. So, I was happy to review your comments again to see if there was something missed.

The information given is correct. If the return is canceled the outbound is re calculated as a one way fare. Respectfully, there’s nothing more I can add. I’m sorry to disappoint you — I know this isn’t the answer you were expecting.

We appreciate your business and hope you'll continue to choose Delta, our Connection Carriers and our SkyTeam partners for your future air travel needs. Regards, Tony Vaughn Refund Solutions Specialist FORTUNE 2017 “World’s Most Admired Companies®”

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Credit toward future delta flight.

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Good grief! Do you still use a pacifier?

I'm guessing the answer is yes.

When you hit the button to buy tickets, you know EXACTLY what the return policy is. If you don't, then you should probably have mommy or daddy help you next time.


"AMERICA & MOST of the world ALLOW refunds & exchanges"

Let me guess, you really didn't mean it when you hit the tick box saying you agreed to the terms of service similar to the one when you posted this banal rant.

Don't agree to something you don't plan on keeping if the chips are down.

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