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On Monday, May 8, I flew from MCI to LAX on what was supposed to be one of your newer Embrayer jets. What pulled up to the gate was a disgusting, ridiculous mess.

The first surprise of the day occured when 80 minutes before the flight was to leave, the gate agent announced that we had a full flight and the pilot radioed ahead to ask if he could get us an earlier departure for the return. Apparently, his request was granted because the plane arrived and people deplaned and suddenly, there was a call for those travelling with children. The gate agent appeared frazzled and was clearly needing help. She started to call Group A and I stepped forward because I have a knee cast and although my assistance never arrived, I knew it would take me longer to get situated.

I pointed to the cast and the agent, quite rudely said, "Why didn't you load with the children?" But, okay. No big deal. I got to my seat and before I could ever sit, there was an odor. I stowed my coat overhead and sat wondering where the smell was coming from.

While the other flyers boarded, a man came down the aisle with a bizarre smile on his face. He was filming with a little camera and after everything that's happened recently, I was worried that there was about to be a "disturbance". Just before they closed the jetway door, another man comes down the plane to his seat and low-and-behold, smiling man is in his seat 20C, maybe? The young man says "this is my seat" and to the older gentleman's credit, rather than argue, he finds the flight attendant.

The flight attendant comes back with the older gentleman's boarding pass in her hand and says to the smiling guy, "Sir, can I see your boading pass?" He gives a creepy smile and says, "no." Now everyone is concerned. She repeats the request and he says, "Um. I lost it. My boarding pass." Where do you lose a boarding pass between the gate and the plane?

The attendant asks this and he said, "I didn't lose it there. I lost in at security." This was worrisome. The attendant didn't ask himo stand up or leave the plane - she just walked back up to the front of the plane while this guy grinned. She came back and said, "What's your name?" This kid says, "which one?" Ok.

No joke. At this point, it's gone too far. It's not funny and it's worrisome. Maybe she was trying to avoid conflict but it was certainly disconcerting for anyone around.

After he gives her TWO NAMES, she confirms that he had a seat and says, "well, he made it through security so let's go." MCI isn't a terribly large airport. But, this guy somehow got on the plane with no boarding pass. She asked if he'd used the phone version and he said, "no. It was paper." HOW!?!

How did he get on the plane? Not to be deterred, the pilot reminds everyone that we want the early spot and they put the smiling guy in row 10. While all this went down, my seat mate and I were getting blasted with super hot air from the vent. It made the smell worse.

I try to stow a book in the seat back pocket and there's a dirty diaper in it. I threw it away. The flight attendant was busy with the other guy so I don't fault her for not helping me dispose of that. But, after we get in the air, I am gagging.

The smell was getting stronger. When the announcement was made that we could use tray tables, I unlocked mine and found VOMIT AND a sticky, white substance concealed by the tray table. Dry vomit. The seat belt sign was on so between my seat mate and I, we cleaned up what we could with baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

When an attendant rushed by to grab something from the rear of the plane, we caught her attention and she said she'd talk to the main attendant. No offer to help. Thinking we got it all, I decided to get my Kindle out of my carry on stowed under the seat in front of me. As I leaned down, the smell reappeared.

All down the bulkhead, on my right side, beneath the arm rest and near the floor, was covered in dried vomit and baby formula. A flight attendant basically said, "well, there are no seats available, so we have no where else to put you." Another flight attendant (who came by for drink service) seeing how we asked for a bag to put the soiled wipes in, said there "might be" a seat up front. She never came back and at that point, I realized there was no solution until we landed. The photos were taken AFTER we cleaned up as much as we could.

Fast forward two days and I shouldn't be surprised that I was up half the night dealing with a norovirus. I don't know what I expect from Delta. There were so many things that happened on the flight that were unacceptable.

I was offered a $150 credit toward future flights but, honestly, when I looked up the terms and conditions it came with, that's not even enough to pay for luggage and taxes on a round trip flight. I spoke to a woman Tuesday who assured me someone would reach out by Wednesday to get the pictures I took and escalate my concerns and as of closing time Thursday, the "customer care" department has not returned my calls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Lack of taking responsibility, Lack of empathy, Refund policies.

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