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On 1/22/11 we were having our newest family member, a kitten we named Snickers shipped to us from Utah. We paid for her to be in a climate controlled cargo & even paid an extra $70 for an expedited service called Delta Dash which should have meant she was the first thing off or on the plane.

When we got to the airport, we waited, her flight came in at 8:40, they didn't bring her out to us until 9:30. (50 minutes after the plane landed) She was cold, pale, limp & unresponsive & had blood coming from her nose & mouth. My family rushed her to the emergency vet, but on the drive, she passed. The vet pronounced her DOA, she died from extreme hypothermia, she froze to death.

Apparently, what we thought was a warm cargo bin, wasn't. When a plane lands, climate control is lost & she didn't stand a chance for 50 minutes in their cargo hold. If for any reason there is a holdup on the tarmac, our animals are trapped, unable to escape the extreme cold or extreme heat in the summer. Our family is devastated & Delta's response has been disgusting.

They valued her life at 50 cents per pound if you can even believe that.

Life to them is worth no more then 50 cents a pound -- DISTURBING! BUYER BEWARE!

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $3400.

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How do you know the person who shipped you the kitten didn't just send you the runt of the litter and knew it was sick to begin with?


Come on! You ship a kitten?

You heartless a$$. Do you also do like the commerical and ship your kids to save money? I wish I could stick you in a box and ship you else where. Also how can you tell a kittens face is pale?

It's people like you who want special breeds or different looking coats that makes this the problem. Adopt close to home and save them first.

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