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We recently had a wonderful holiday with our family. We flew with Delta from Detroit to Miami for a cruise.

After arriving back in Detroit a week later, we went to pick up our luggage. Everyone got their luggage except my husband and I. We waited until the carousel emptied and stopped (sign indicated complete. We checked other carousels to make sure our suitcase wasn't put there by mistake.

After an hour, we notified an employee at the Airport who advised us to make a baggage claim. That was on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2010.

Since then we have contacted Baggage (1-800-325-8224) on many, many different times and after leaving a number and waiting to be called back (which didn't always happen), we would be told that the luggage will be shipped to our home.

Today is January 5, 2011. We still do not have our luggage!

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Delta is useless airlines.They sent my wife's baggage not in the same flight but us airways which delayed the bag by 2 days.She was a transit passenger and the bag had some food stuff related with infact. This airline sucks!


I travelled from Hartford-Detroit-Dayton.I didnot get my cabin bag and I am still waiting on it. The Delta employee at Detroit said the bag would be at the carousel in Dayton.As soon as I came to Dayton, I didnot find my bag and I was carrying all the important documents in that bag.I am really trying to contact them for couple of days,it didnot work out...I am really upset and made a claim.Where can I find my bag.. :cry


We flew delta not elta!


we flew elta from jfk to athens el.venizelos on 5th january 2011.Before departure there was a problem with my baggage and told me that it hadn't been checked in.Went to the employee to clear the matter after some minutes she told me that it was ok I could board on plane and my baggage would safely travel to Athens.Of course, my bag never landed to Athens , nobody knows where it can be.I have made this claim form and still waiting for my bag to show up.... It's the 13th january now that I am writing and I am completely pissed off with the emloyee who said everything was OK while it wasn't.

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