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I booked a fligh and when I got the confirmation it was the wrong date.

Now delta tell me that they can't do anything unless to charge me 150 bucks to change it.

Now I dont know what to do, I cant spend that money to change the date that was not my fault. I really need this date to change before my trip.

What I should do? I still have 20 days until my trip, is not that im asking to change something for tomorrow...

And what let me more pissed was the ladies in the call center that dont understand english at all

Monetary Loss: $150.

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That is such BS. With Southwest you can chang dates for free but if you change a week before then they charge like $20 not bad.


SImple solution. Don't pay for the tickets!!!

Deny the charge on the credit card, and explain why. This situation happened to me once, albeit from a travel agency. I refused payment, and viola....

a new ticket appeared with the correct dates. In the future, however, we both need to be more careful to make sure the dates we asked for are the dates we get.

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