I should know better than to trust anything they tell you!From the shoddy treatment when they lose your luggage to the phony fare guarantee,I should really ignore the temptation to save a few bucks and fly on Jet Blue.

Delta seems to go out of their way to change flights ,screw up your seats and provide zero service service.

Last time I traveled to the west coast they neglected to put my luggage on the plane.I had a flight to Japan early the next day.The answer I got when I told them my problem was "it may be on the next flight,but we really don't know(or care).

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I had the same problem with booking -- the price change right before purchasing. I tried it several times and the same thing happended each time. This is misrepresentation.

Gilbert, Arizona, United States #135868

Delta's price guarantee says that they will refund the difference if you find a lower price elsewhere in the same day. But there's no way to prove it because they won't accept screen prints, etc.

I was booking on Delta.com and the price changed by the time I finished booking.

I called them and they wouldn't even honor their own Delta.com prices in the same day. Guarantee is completely bogus.

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