I believe Delta Airlines are the worst customer friendly service airlines in service today. Their crews hate their jobs, are rude and inconsiderate to their customers, and they do not even attempt to give an on time arrival., On time departures for this airline are better statistically today, but connecting flights are always delayed with some vague weather or mechanicl difficulties - the two that the passenger bill of rights do not cover.

When you have a ticket and EVERY darned time you are re-routed or delayed due to some vague reason - when it's nearly perfect weather coast to coast (2-13-11) and when you deign to ask why the *** you're flight is delayed you get some rude assed C.S. person in Memphis (or fill in the state), says well we've just been updatesd. People plan flights based on their "as needed" schedules for Monday morning school, work, personal schedules, you expect a major US airline to run on schedule (especially when it's good weather, and no f*****ing reason for a 1.5 hour delay, which will get us to our final destination already 1.50 hours pastdelayed time, and when there is no announcement ahead of time, but just a monitor time change - it totally sucks and I hate Delta Airlines, which has let me down time and time again on service on time and in my budgeted time.

Never Fly Delta Again, suggest you don't either. Just rudeness, from peeps who don't care, from a company who just can't get their schedules together for their customers.

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