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Delta Airlines Frequent Flyer Program a scam. In August 2009 I purchased three coach tickets from Los Angeles to Cairo, Egypt.

I chose Air France, a Delta partner airline, because I don't like US carriers. When I asked why I did not recieve 15,000 mile credit they said the ticket was not the proper class. When you put in your frequent flyer mile number for Delta it doesn't say, "You will not get frequent flyer miles for this ticket".

This just another reason why major US carriers, except Southwest, don't get my business. Next I will write how United Airlines screwed me out of miles.

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I am a Diamond Medallion on DELTA. Their new miles based on dollars spent will cause me to cease flying them all together.

The program for me was the main reason to fly them. It was a fair price to earn status so I could routinely get upgraded, earn good miles for my Delta international flights, and enjoy getting treated like a human at the airport (being a Diamond). They have removed every ounce of reason as to why I would continue flying them. In a nutshell, they have raised their price over 400% just to earn the same perks as I get today with them.

Sorry.... I'll pay 10 bucks for a hamburger but not 40 bucks. They will be successful in rewarding the high paying customers, but at what cost? What right minded person would go out of their way to spend thousands more just to earn the same perk ?

They have chased me away along with thousands others I am most certain. It was nice helping them build a giant airline, but now it's time to move on and spend my money elsewhere.

Thanks Delta.... I guess loyalty really isn't a two way street with you.......


agreed... pull your head of your *** and look through the details.

any frequent flier knows that airlines have the most loopholes of any industry. definitely a *** situation but not one that should surprise you.

i do find however, that after going through all the fine print and details delta is the best and most honest airlines (again if you know the fine print you are dealing with)

to duh Chicago, Illinois, United States #1032242

Enlighten me on how i can earn diamond status by spending 7K in a calendar year? Seriously, I'd love to know.

I used to earn Diamond status by spending 7K per year. After you are done pulling your head out of your ***. I will most sincerely put my head into my *** when you can outline how I can earn Diamond status by spending 7K per year. Seriously it would be worth saying I was wrong.

Until then, you are wrong AND I am right.


Read the fine print on all legal documents, including contracts for service, IE your ticket for travel. No one is ever going to hold your hand, read your mind and put up a flashing banner of capital letters notifying you of whatever it is you want to know. Everyone has a different question, that why it's fine print: to get in ALL the details.


Found an airline that is SMART and HONEST. It obviously is NOT an American carrier i.e.

Delta, United or American. It is Korean Airlines!! When I picked a fare from point A to point B it stated, "This is the lowest fare which will recieve mileage award". Now that is customer satisfaction!!!!!

I an looking forward to flying them again. At least I know I will get my mileage.


They are right not all fares classes receive MQM with partners

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