I purchased a 2 way ticket last year, and cancelled after taking a one way trip. I was told since the ticket was no-refundable, they will give me credits to book within a year.

However, when I called to book a flight back to the USA from Singapore, I was told cant reroute. Alright so finally I agreed to their condition, and was told again that my ticket expired since they last for 6 months. I was outraged since I was told my credits were good for a year, anyway called again and was informed I cant purchase using my stored credits since it was a so called T CLASS Fare which isnt available. So what good is my credit or my money.

I DON'T TRAVEL BY DELTA YET THEY KEEP MY MONEY AS A PENALTY SINCE THEY NO LONGER HAVE THE T-CLASS FARE. IS IT MY FAULT? I think my credits should be good for any purchase I make without rerouting if so established. My hard earned money being transferred to rich owners of airline companies without me even hiring their services.

I didnt use their plane, fuel, food or any other services they sell, then why are they keeping my money.

DOES THIS MAKE SENSE, taking the wealth from the middle class and transferring to the rich owners of these giant corporations. I want answers, and I am not traveling by DELTA anymore, in fact if I purchase from Qatar airway a flight back to the USA, its way cheaper.

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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