Delta Airlines have some of the rudest customer service representatives i have ever come across, the $50 per bag fee is utterly ridiculous, i spent well over $1700 on tickets including the $100 for my bags just to be treated poorly, i officially feel pimped..i wouldnt fly delta again even if the tickets were free, i'd rather take my chances flying across country in a hot air balloon!!...delta sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks..oh yea did i mention they suck!!..u get the point, so tell your friends and your friends friends to steer clear of delta unless you like being annoyed.

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Just a FYI for everyone.Delta is huge on hiring vendors to do its dirty work. To do everything like board planes in smaller cities work ramp clean planes etc.

The people that work for these vendor companies only get paid less than $10 an hour after topping out after three years.The people that work for these vendors get low pay crappy flight bennies and practically nonexistent health benefits that are overpriced ($180 per week) . So it shouldn't surprise you since delta invests very little into their employees that it contracts with that this will ultimately translate into a bad customer service.If they invested little more into their vendor employees like they do with their big plane employees like profit sharing and the like you will see better customer service.End of story!


Have fun flying American, United, US Airways, Spirit, etc., where they don't charge for bags...


All the airlines need a kick in the ***. They use to have to earn your business, now they exoect it and stick you with every charge they can. Delta is the Satanic leader of them all.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #437395

Are they rude because you did not get your way>

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #437394

Are they rude because you did not get your way>


Delta continues to suck large. As a former Northwest frequent flyer, I used to think they were bad, but Delta makes me wish for Noryhwest's return.

Current case in point: I fly from MSP to MKE every few weeks.

My flight next week cost me $135. I went on their website to buy my next ticket and now they want $518!!!!!!!

Can anyone provide any rational explanation?

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