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The flight crew compromised the passenger manifest by letting a passenger without a boarding pass to stay on the plane. The passenger was sitting in the wrong seat, the plane was taxiing to the runway for takeoff and passengers still were not seated.

The passenger had no boarding pass so the flight attendant simply moved her to an unattended seat.The flight attendant allowed the undocumented passenger to leave her bag at my feet(not a small bag). Meanwhile because I was not allowed to board until the end, my bag had to be checked thru baggage. The most disturbing thing about this whole incident is that the flight attendants

were serving drinks before my group was allowed to board the plane.

In fact I had to deplane so a flight attendant could refill a first class passengers drink.

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight Attendant.

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with employees like this its no wonder people don't trust what airlines say.

Zbaszynek, Lubuskie, Poland #363006

I'm a Delta Employee and I agree with Andy.


Was Andy Scontras on this plane? Is he a Delta employee?


The flight attendants were serving first class drinks before zone 4 boarded.

The plane was taxing for takeoff and passangers still needed to be seated.

A passanger had a boarding pass for a previous flight and did not have aa assigned seat.

The flight attendent moved the passanger to an empty seat and told her to leave her things were they were.

I had to fly with someone elses bag at my feet.

If it needs wheels for you to move it it’s not carry-on luggage.

What is with the on plane bathroom? Flying both ways there were people lined up to use it before the plane even left the terminal. Then 20 minutes later after the plane *** the same people are on line again and some have newspapers. Talk about a crappy flight.


Your claim that this happened is simply untrue.

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