January 31, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

This will be the first of several complaints to be filed to your airline that pertain to an overall COMPLETE FAILURE on the customer service and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION within your company. We left last week (January 23) out of Harrisburg PA to Cincinnati (Flight 6133), final destination Cancun.

Our welcome greeting at the ticket counter was a formal, less than stellar "yes", not a hello or good morning.

We inquired about our transfer in Cincinnati because we only had 30 minutes to make the transition to (Flight 447) to Cancun. We fully understand that you can not control mother nature, however we had expressed our concerns to EVERY employee we came into contact with at the Harrisburg Airport about being in Cincinnati on time! As we boarded and sat on (Flight 6133) we learned our flight would be delayed due to fog/visibility. Knowing that now we would be delayed, I began to call Delta to find out our options because the Flight Attendant told us (Flight 447) was the only flight from Cincinnati to Cancun. They told us that the ONLY option was that we were re-directed in Cincinnati to Indianapolis then to Cancun arriving at 8:45 PM NOT 11:18 AM thus losing an ENTIRE day of our vacation.

Again I know you are not responsible for the weather. As we sat on the tarmac for an hour, in Harrisburg waiting to be de-iced and cleared to fly, several passengers on the plane began to get sick. I was on the phone with Delta SEVERAL times during our wait. The plane then RETURNED to the gate. I had already spoken to US AIR and they said they had the 6 seats we needed on a plane leaving Harrisburg at 9:35 AM. I believe that airline policy is if you are delayed and there is another route of fewer problems, the airline is usually wiling to help. I received confirmation from US AIR, and PROMPTLY called Delta to arrange to change flights. Delta told me the US AIR flight was full!?!?!?!?! I told the young lady I had a confirmation number from USAIR already, she put me on HOLD for 15 minutes. When she finally came back, she told me we could make the arrangements, the flight attendant then told us that we are departing and that she could NOT let us off the plane. There was MORE than enough time for this to happen. Again, POOR customer service.

Once in the air, we asked the attendant NUMEROUS times if the pilot would check to see if flights where delayed out of Cincinnati. The pilot did come on one time and say flights were delayed, we then asked if it could be relayed that we were in the air and if they would delay the flight for our arrival (according to the pilot it was going to only be a matter of minutes. When we touched down in Cincinnati, I AGAIN called Delta to check the status of Flight 447, it WAS STILL AT THE GATE! I told the lady on the phone we were on the ground. We arranged to be let off the plane first at the gate, ran to the Gate for departure AND WATCHED OUR PLANE PULL OUT FROM THE GATE!!!!!!!!!

From this point I think you can begin to understand our disappointment with the lack of communication within your departments. And how this really made the first TWO days of our vacation a let-down SOLEY because of your airline.

We left Cincinnati off to Indianapolis. We were in Indianapolis for 4+ hours to connect to Cancun.

I again want to mention that We Know you are not in control of the weather, but with little extra compassion and care from your people, there WAS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON that a transfer could have been made and we could have been spared the ridiculous EXCUSES after the fact.

There where 6 of us on your flight, and the additional layover in Indianapolis cost us almost $300 for lunch at TGI Fridays which I feel should be reimbursed.

And now for the best part, we FINALY arrived in Cancun at 9pm and low And behold NO LUGGAGE!!!!!!!!!

We did not receive our luggage until 4:30 Sunday Afternoon. There was a Total of 6 of us in our group on this flight and 12 of us total traveling to Mexico. ------------------------------------------------------- are the six that where effected (the other 6 made it on time) on a different airline that departed within an hour of our scheduled departure.

We all travel several times throughout the year as a group and this was by far the worst case of Customer Service help I have ever encountered on ANY airline. We have several trips planned, one as early as Cancun in April. I would Appreciate a call from someone within your company immediately.

Also, as I am writing this e-mail Sunday January 31, the day after our return, WE

ARE ALL STILL WAITING ON OUR LUGAGE from our return flight 5146.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from someone immediately.

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I was on your flight 2074 from orlanda to minneapolis on july 24th when i was ask to give up my seat for a stand by customer and i said no-because the seat was in the back -the far back and with a dog -yes a dog and young kids- the kid i could handle but a dog noooooooooo-- because i didnt give up my paid seat for the standby person your attendance (((( all of them in coach ))) were rude and nasty to me -had you use the restroom and knocking on the door and making comment as they pasted my section -- i do care i paid for what i want and how i wanted to travel and to make me thing that i have to move for someone else (( standby )) and not be treated like a paying customer was rude.. and if every travel your airline again i and will i will never -never do it move or be replace by a (( standby customer )) because of this rude and unprofessional service from all yes all the steward in coach..

on flight 2074 on july 24th .. thank you in advance -- rule of thumb pay for what you want -traveling cheap -- then get what you pay for.....


My flight was cancelled from D.C. to NY bz.

of snow. I tried to get a refund online and it wouldn't allow me to do it. I called Delta and the line was busy for two days. I finally got through to someone on day three and went through the cancellation and refund, I then get an email asking me to check in for my new flight.

It turns out the agent did not cancel my flight, eventhough I was on the phone with him for ten minutes. Now I can't get through on the phone again, I keep getting a message that due to severe weather, they can't answer the phone. So frustrating.

I hate delta. The worst customer service.

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