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If you surveyed travelers, I believe Delta would come out on top with the "worst" customer service. Their flight attendants can predictably be rude and with an attitude.

On Feb 10, 2012, I embarked on a trip from Atlanta to LA. The flight was grossly overbooked. In order to increase the number of no-shows and avoid payment, Delta changed gates from T2 to E18 just 10 minutes prior to boarding. This required running a marathon in order to make the flight. Elderly and handicapped folks obviously did not make the flight. Not only was this atrocious, I think it was also discriminatory and potentially illegal. However, this is clearly evidence that Delta is ruled by revenue management and don't give a rat's hynie about their customers.

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On April 25, 2012 my daughter arrived at New Bern Airport, which is a very small airport, approximately 25 minutes before her flight and wasn't allowed to board a plane that wasn't full. When she contacted Delta customer service she spoke to a representative and a supervisor that were not very service-oriented or open to hear the whole situation.

My daughter was here due to a death in the family and the flight arrangements were made in a hurry which caused the fees to be higher. The problem I have this overall experience is that due to the situation why my daughter had to travel there wasn't much leeway in missing a flight.

The fact that she got there while they were still boarding passingers and not allowed to get on the plane was totally un-service oriented which is something you supposedly pride yourself on. Also the fact that her father-in-law was able to call customer service immediately after she did and resolve the issue is a travesty and a lack of cohesiveness in your customer service department.

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