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I have been a delta sky miles member for many years. In the past year or so, I have witnessed very poor service - they cancelled flights, delayed flights for maintenance problems, which has negatively affected my vacations. The last trip I took, they caused me to lose 2 out of 5 vacation days.

Worse than this is when I call customer service, they are rude and uncooperative. In Delta's case, the customer is always wrong and the problems the customer encounters are never the responsibility of Delta.

I advise passengers to rethink their relationship with Delta Airlines and go elsewhere to meet your travel needs.


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I agree and I will never fly Delta again after our experience also.


A man I know was sent to Germany when he was supposed to go to Seattle, thanks to Delta airlines, and he's going on the news. Hopefully less people will fly with Delta after it broadcasts.

Our family was also seated separately on a plane, and my stepfather ended up having to fly on a different plane than the rest of our family.

When my mom asked to change the seating, the woman acted like whe were ignoant, spoiled brats, when she was the real snob (Yes offense, ticket lady!). I wish that Delta was sued and shut down.


completely agree. dump delta.

I have flown them exclusively for work and personal travel but it is no longer worth it. I have had absolutely AWFUL customer service.

The miles are not worth it. Done.

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