TIME: 6:25 PM

Me and my wife had just gotten off a flight from Fayetteville, NC,.

Just as we stepped off the elevator near boarding area B39, we were immediately greeted by a (female) Delta Airlines employee who asked if we had our "boarding passes" for our next flight.

I showed her my "e-ticket" boarding passess that were already printed out as part of our flight itinerary.

Her immediate reply was to offer to print out the boarding passes that are printed directly from the printer machine located atop the desk where she was standing.

When I handed her my printed flight itinerary, she told me and my wife that she needed to see BOTH of our drivers licenses.

I asked why, and she replied that the names on the boarding passes must match the names on the drivers licenses. That sounded logical and OK with me and my wife.

AFTER inputting our drivers license information on the computer screen, she then asks me and my wife separately for our social security numbers.

When I asked why she needed our social security numbers for the boarding passes, she replied that the information is needed to receive "your 30,000 free skymiles."

At that point, me and my wife (politely but firmly) refused, saying we didn't the free skymiles, and to give us back our drivers license so that we can leave.

When I questioned her about who would be seeing our personal drivers license information, she was reluctant to answer our question, and promptly closed out the PC screen.

She did print out our boarding passes prior to leaving.

This (minor) incident has not sat well for me and wife for obvious reasons, primarily because this Delta Airlines employee "duped/tricked" us in to believing she was offering a specific service, but in our minds she was collecting and gathering very personal information that will no doubt be used in other ways.

IF she had said to the both of us up front in the very beginning "I want your drivers license and social security numbers so that the both of you can receive 30,000 free skymiles", we would have looked at her and just kept on walking.

Shame on this Delta Airlines employee duping and tricking for not being honest and completely truthful.

This was a bitter-sweet ending to a 7 day fantastic Thanksgiving week.


Mountain View, CA 94040

Thursday, 01 December, 2011 @02:32

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