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Our laptop was damaged when Delta made us check it because all the overhead compartments were filled with the extra luggage Delta allowed passengers to bring on, to avoid the baggage fee. We went through their complaint division and received no response.

After 6 weeks, I filed a lawsuit in Maine, and served the registered agent in Maine for Delta. Every State has an equivalent system which allows you to serve a designated agent. Delta never answered the complaint. Instead they sent us a check for $649 with no cover letter but a notation on the back that this settles all claims if endorsed.

We never cashed the check. I got a default judgment for $2,724.84, and it is now accruing post judgment interest.

I would encourage everyone who has a damage claim to sue them in small claims court. They need to be taken to task for this tactic to ignore complaints in the hope that they will go away.If you need any guidance contact me at acedric33@gmail.com.

Review about: Delta Airlines Baggage Policy.

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I despise Delta and this incident just takes the cake! They don't give a rip about their customers and they just pull an amount out of thin air and think you will be happy with it! I am glad you held your ground!!

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