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So, you know when you meet that person who is amazing in every way? All boxes ticked and they finally restore your faith in everything?

Well that's my Chris. He has spent the last two years putting himself above and beyond, every day, for me and my kids. No questions asked. No hesitation.

He would jump through fire for us. He spends his time putting everyone else first. Hes the first to jump in and offer to help, and if he says he doing it, it happening. For the most of this year I have been saving up to do something special for his 40th birthday.

As anyone who knows him will tell you, hes a die hard, Denver til he dies, Broncos fan. Stats and facts! He has one thing on his bucket list. One thing only.

To go see the Broncos play a mile high in the sky in Denver. So I managed to get tickets for todays game against the patriots. Well above face price, because that's how it is. I saved and bought a flight and hotel.

Its his dream. Delta airlines managed to ruin that today. Flight delayed from 8.40 to 11am. Weather fine.

No good reason. Sent me an email at 4am that it was already delayed until 11. When staff finally turned up, they told him it was because the pilots were training the day before and could not fly until later that day??? Pilot turned up.

Chris speaks to him. Pilot tells him its because none of the other flight staff turned up and no one else was scheduled until 11. Flight ***. Once it lands in Denver at 12.15 mountain time, they make them sit on a runway for an hour and a half because there is nowhere to park the *** thing as its so delayed.

The game starts at 2.30. He's 40 minutes away from his hotel and has to check in before hitting the stadium. Misses the first part of the game. After running around like a lunatic to even get there when he did.

I try to complain. Website is extremely lacking when it comes to the opportunity to voice a complaint. So Delta, how are you going to fix this? This was a year in planning and cost more than I care to mention.

I was trying to show my appreciation to a great guy and send him on a trip that he has dreamed about all his life. Your staff decided they had better things to do than turn up to work that day. I get that its the holidays. Maybe you all had a get together the night before.

Maybe the in flight staff had too many of those tiny bottles of wine that cost more than the flight. I don't want excuses. I don't want a generic customer service letter with the date and name changed. I don't want free vouchers for another flight.

I want to hear exactly, to the letter, why you decided to pull the stunt you did today. I want to hear how you are going to make sure that the next person who spends their hard earned money, trying to give someone their dream trip, does not get it ruined by you. And if you spent the money I just wasted on your flights, on your website instead, I would not have to rant on Facebook.

Bad choices Delta. Bad choices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight 1511.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #1313311

Faa controls hours pilots can work.They schedule within limits but if delays happen pilots do time out.It happens with ALL airlines.Delays happen with all airlines.If you must be somewhere at a certain time like a game or wedding or cruise it is always a good idea to leave the day before to give yourself extra time for the unexpected especially during winter months.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1262564

This is a very common problem. The thousand words on your wonderful guy just made this an obnoxious complaint.

Bottom line - anyone with a brain knows that if you have a deadline, you drive or fly in the day before. There are hundreds of things that can cause flight delays - it's part of life when you fly.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1257944

"they told him it was because the pilots were training the day before and could not fly until later that day"

They told you what was up. There's nothing more to say other than what you've received.

The pilots timed out.

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