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Although my flight was booked 3 months in advance with a 1 hour layover in Atlanta, Delta changed the itinerary to leave me with a 4 hour layover and a significantly delayed arrival at my final destination. On the return trip home, I was on time, but their plane was not.

By the time I arrived (once again in Atlanta) there were only seven minutes to catch a connecting flight. I sprinted through the airport to arrive 3 minutes short. The answer from the sarcastic Delta representative... They may be able to place me on standby for a flight leaving in a few hours, but I should probably start checking out hotels.

Nice! For a $34 billion dollar airlines that employs 80,000 people, I am wholly disappointed with their poor logistical planning and lack of professionalism. To top matters off, my Travelpro suitcase was damaged. If you want to arrive at your location when expected...

Try another airlines! Just because I'm flying into Orlando, that doesn't mean I want a Mickey Mouse operation getting me there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Media, Pennsylvania, United States #1257169

Actually the worst airlines is a toss up between Spirit and Allegiant so consider yourself lucky that Delta was able to get you on another flight. Instead of sitting there feeling sorry for yourself, head on over the Spirit Airlines complaint box. You had it made with Delta compared to other folks.

Altamonte Springs, Florida, United States #1257164

we live in Orlando and we don't want passengers like you coming here. You did not say what the delay was for--weather.

If so, then planes are affected and you may have to stay overnight. Grow up, deal with life, complain in some state other than Florida.

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