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My spouse and daughter were returning to the United Arab Emirates from Norfolk Virginia. As they were checking in their first bag, the Delta Representative told them they were overweight (61 and 63 lbs respectively) and as their second two bags were under the 50 lbs weight limit, they should redistribute items so as not to be charged. They did this immediately and the bags were reweighed and none of them exceeded the 50 lbs limit. The Delta Representative told them they would have to pay for the second bag, which they were charged $150.00 a piece for. Upon their arrival, I explained to my spouse the charge for a second bag should only have been $25.00 each. My spouse then went into the Delta website and found out that international connecting flights are allowed a second bag and the weight limit is increased to 70 lbs. My spouse has contacted Delta's Customer Service who, within 24 hrs, conducted an investigation and found the $300.00 charge correct. When asked exactly what the $300.00 charge was for as there is nothing in their stated policy concerning international baggage fee assessments that substantiates this charge, they have failed to respond. Bottom line is Delta fraudulently charged us $300.00 on a representative's error. It seems that Delta wants the money more than they need us as future customers.

-Excess Baggage

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