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Just returned from a vacation to London booked through delta vacations. The vacation was booked in Feb.2010 and included airfare and hotel.

I am a Gold Medalion member with Delta so this is far from my first trip with Delta. The seats we selected in February were our seats until about 2 weeks prior to the vacation. We then received a call from Delta advising us our seats had been moved. We were a window and aisle seat for a trip from Dayton to London.

The seats they gave us were an aisle and a middle. When pressed for a reason they would not give one. The next call was to Delta vacations. They said they did not know why they were changed and could not change them back because (despite their name) they are not affiliated with Delta Airlines.

Several other calls were made to get the seats moved back to the original selection and we were always told no. I made apoint of watching to see who had our original seats.

Would'nt you know it - it was a Delta pilot and his wife traveling back from vacation!! Classic move Delta!!

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here is my email


DELTA is a Joke! After seeing bolts lose on a DELTA 767 engine and taking pictures of it I tried to call Delta.

I wanted them to be aware of the deadly problem, but I was told they have no policy in place for a customer to make a safety complaint over the phone. I was told to e-mail the pictures to regular customer care and someone will get back to you with in 30 days! What a joke! Do not fly DELTA!

They let that 767 take back off after I told them it was unsafe! If anyone wants the pictures e-mail me.

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