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My recent experience with Delta Airlines convinced me that it is the worst airline out there where customers are just an annoyance to normal operation procedures. My family vacation was ruined right from the start by Delta on April 3rd, 2010.

The whole experience in my view can be summarized in one phrase: Delta intentionally using all means legitimate, semi-legitimate and non-legit trying to milk money out of its passengers/customers going over their bodies with no care for kids or women towards the profits.

I, my wife and two little kids were standed at the airport by the mercy of Delta. We arrived to the airport on-time, the agent refused to check in the baggage on-time letting pass the 60min cutt-off time. She has been absolutely useless in helping us to get on the flight and intentionally prolonged the time making sure we won't get on it leaving us in limbo with two little kids at the airport with no way of actually going on any vacation. This is absolutely unacceptable.

The agent refused to escalate the incident to superiors who could have potentially assisted us with baggage and check in when time still permitted after I repeatedly asked her for that.

But that's not all:

When getting on our flight was not an option anymore the agent refused even to issue us tickets for the next available flight again blaming the computer for not letting her do this. She lied to us that the computer system did not allow her to issue tickets for the next flight and only 3hrs prior to departure. The next flight was in 7 hours. Besides the fact of loosing the whole vacation day, we had to strangle with two little kids at the airport not even knowing whether we can get on the next flight or not. We were not prepared for that with no dipers at hand, no food for baby (cannot eat restaurant or junk food), screaming all the way. It was a complete disaster... and no help from Delta that created this haos. Finally, after one employee did actually helped us by issuing tickets and checking the baggage they've charged us $200 for changing a flight even they caused it in the first place.

And what customer service was doing after the complaine?: Nothing constructive. No compensation, no resolution and just "we understand", "sorry" and "hope it won't happens again".

The absolutly useless and resolutionless customer service.

Unprofessional, unaccomodating and heartless personel acquiped with guidlines but no heart.

Review about: Delta Airlines Customer Care.

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