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My delta sky miles account has not worked for 2 years because my middle initial is not on my account have tried no less than 5 times to get it fixed from the sky mile help line. So I decided F um and put it all on Alaska Airlines over those 2 years I put about 400,000 miles in my account thanks to Deltas incompetence but my last 4 trips it started working again even though I used my Alaska number at check in they got put on a delta account I...
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Was assure at the Delta counter at the airport I would get skymiles credited to my account when I finished trip and contact Delta. Delta never credited air miles. The trip was a huge, long, and expensive round trip from Hawaii to Europe and back. I do this trip often, but I have never booked trips with Delta since they never credited my promised miles on my account. I just received an offer to get 50,000 airmiles when I open their credit...
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I liked
  • Did not loose my luggage
  • Flight attendants on flight were good
I didn't like
  • Air miles never credited to sky miles account