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I'm from socal flying out of LAX to go to NYC for a weekend. I purchased my ticket through My flight to NYC was with US Airways, and my flight back to LAX was with Delta Airlines, leaving from JFK.

Flying to NYC was a breeze, everything was great, on time, and no problems. Flying back was a huge issue.

My flight was to departure at 7AM from JFK to LAX with Delta Airlines. I was trying to check in since 6:20AM keep in mind I have no bags to check in, just a small carry on. By the time I was able to see a representative it was 6:25. Prior to that I tried using the kiosk machine but it wasn't allowing me to check in.

The lady told me it was too late for me to check into my flight, and my seat was already sold to someone else. I definitely had enough time, more than 30min. prior to my departing flight and no bags to check in. They had to had sell my seat to someone else hours before. She did not help put me on stand by. Apparently Delta Airlines doesn't do standby. You basically have to wait 3 hours prior to another flight, and hope to get on that one. I already purchased a ticket, and yet I had to go against people who haven't even purchased one yet. On top of that, I would have to pay $50 for that ticket. This is what Delta calls, there "one day guarantee" which by the way I found out through a representative over the phone, that the one day guarantee only applies 3 hours after your missed flight. Makes no sense.

When I asked a representative on the phone how come none of this information was listed on Expedia when purchasing, she said she doesn't know anything about Expedia, but it's listed on Well I didn't buy it on so obviously I wouldn't see any of that. Expedia is one of their main travel agencies, they should have knowledge about that site.

Keep in mind, my friend was with me when arriving to our terminals. His flight was also at 7AM but it was through Jet Blue, we arrived and checked in at the same time, and he had no bags as well. He was able to get onto his flight fine.

Delta tried saying, I arrived too late and that I needed to check in 45min prior, then they changed it, and said I needed to check in 2 hours prior due to JFK rules and regulations. If that was the case, how was my friend able to get onto his flight?

Half of the day was gone and I needed to be home that day, I was not able to get onto any other flights, since it was pass 3 hours since my missed flight, I would have to pay full price for another, I was stranded. I ended up purchasing a ticket for same day with US Airways since it was the cheapest I could find.

After purchasing my ticket with US Airways on a Monday which cost nearly $400, the flight was delayed until the next day. Had I have known I was leaving on Tuesday I would have purchased one with Virgin for $170. But like I said, I needed to be home by Monday. US would not refund me or discount me, or give me a hotel since it was due to "weather" when it was just light showers. People have flown out of blizzards in NYC. Lady for US Airways was also rude when I asked her about that, she saw my California drivers license, and stated, "it's something you wouldn't understand" Like we have never seen rain before?

My whole weekend trip, ended up costing me nearly $1000 on airfare, I had to miss one day of school, and I had to miss two days of work. It cost me a lot of problems all because of Delta selling my seat before I can even check in.

I have complained to both airlines. I have complained to Delta that I just wanted my money back and to US that I just want to be discounted. Both only offered me $50 off my next flight. What makes them think I would ever want to fly with them again? I wish I can afford a lawyer. What happened to me was not fair, and should not happen to anyone else. Luckily I barely had enough money to go home, otherwise I would still be stranded there now.

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Small claims - you dont need a lawyer - More consumers need to file small claims and make these airlines pay - My BF and 3 of his friends already checked in and were at the airport and went to get on the plane and the Delta person told them they couldnt get on - they were too late - they could see the plane sitting right there with the hallway thing still attached - It was a nightmare - they almost got arrested they were so pissed


Then how did my friend manage to get onto his flight we arrived at the same time, checked in at the same time, departure was at the same time? Also many people arrive 20min prior to their departure flight and their name is being called on the intercom.

I've even checked in 30min with baggage to southwest and got on fine. Regardless if you miss your flight, you are suppose to be put onto standby. I spoke with many people about what happened and they all agree it doesn't add up correctly. It's sketch.

I'm a frequent flier, this has never happened to me. I know they want you to arrive earlier, but *** happens people will arrive late, and if they do miss their flight, it's called standby. You should not have to purchase another ticket or play this *** game of theirs.

Sorry you guys are clueless about stand by. Guess when you guys get screwed then you'll understand, but I wrote this for people to just be careful, and that I don't want anyone to have to go through what I had to.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #204746

Sorry I meant she. Did not check the name of the individual who wrote this letter.

I should add does not matter if you only have one carry on bag or not you still have to show up o 1 3/4 hour to 2 hours before the flight. Tasha one hour used to be the old policy but they are stricter. To Amy.

They are only doing this for passenger safety. Let this extra money you have to pay be a lesson for you to be more prepared in the future.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #204744

They want you to arrive one and a half hours minumum to the flight, they prefer you arrive two hours before the flight. I howwever agree with you that this person was at fault.

I very much doubt they said that he should arrive 45 minutes prior to her flight and he misunderstood. Even if they did tell him 45 minutes this person is illprepared. They left things to the last minute and they came within less than 45 minutes of the flight. I do agree with you on one issue they have themselves to blame.

The reason his friend got on the Jet Blue flight was because there was no one waiting for the flight. This person came later than the scheduled time and took his chances of getting his seat cancelled. They ask you to come extra early because they have to do bag checks, pass you through security, have you seated in the waiting area so they can board you before the plane leaves.

This is why they told him he had to arrive two hour prior. I think they told him between one hour and 45 minutes and two hours, only he did not hear the one hour and 45 minutes only the 45 minutes part and is blaming them for the misunderstanding.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #204741

They tell you to arrive an hour prior to your flight for a reason. Seriously grow up and admit it was your own fault.

Not their fault you are too *** to follow simple instructions. How do you know what time they sold your seat to someone else? You just want to act like an eight year old and not admit that YOU WERE LATE.

They could have been waiting for you to show up an sold your seat twenty minutes ago. You did not follow intructions and show up an hour before your flight time YOUR OWN FAULT.

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