Ended up we couldn't go on our Bahama's trip as my horse broke his jaw and needed 24/7 care for the next 6-8 weeks.

We spent $629.20 for 2 airline tickets and I thought we would at least get two hundred refund as it was still two weeks before our planned trip...NOT!

I was told "No refund, no transfer".

Okay, I know in a court of law it is a felony to steal $500.00, right? That is exactly what they did, true? They are always crying that they don't make enough money...Bull****!

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AL, is correct on this issue.

delta sell to type of tickets, refundlable & non refundable.

a refundable ticket could be on class h, b, m, y, or just buy a first class ticket as well.

Delta has every right to not give you anything back, we could have gotten a transfer fee, but i guess then again you did not know the rules.


Actually - in a court of law, "non-refundable" usually means just that. Go ahead and *** and moan - won't work. You probably could have arranged to use the tickets at another time, but I'm sure you burnt your bridges with Delta through your ignorance.

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