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Did Delta pick up the worst of NW Airlines when they purchased the company? From gate agents who route bags incorrectly from gates to their delivery service and customer service agents, I have never received service this poor in my 22 years of active travel.

What their website says they offer and reality are very different. I will not patronize this company again. American Airlines has won 100% of my travel business.

Delta staff lied about luggage compartments being filled on a flt. from MSP to Oakland. Took my bag, checked it to SLC. It's 33 hours later, still no bag. They say it's "out for delivery" but have no name or contact info. for the delivery service and offer no explanation for their errors. "Customer service" agents are not empowered to do anything, they might as well hire a robot to take calls.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Funny 'cause my landlord has been working for AA for 22 years and say they have the worst customer service LOL.

I've only flown AA once so can't say much, but I've flown Delta for about 150,000 miles last year and it's really not that bad.

The part "Delta staff lied about luggage compartments being filled on a flt" amused me. Gate agents need to be proactive, they can't wait until a flight has finished boarding to realize that there's no more room, of course it's not a precise science but look at the alternative: board the flight, have 15 people standing around looking for room for their carry-on which is not available because too many people use the overhead bins while told to use the space under the seat in front when possible and then delay the flight 15 minutes and have some miss their connection?

It's your responsibility to have contact info inside/outside your bag in case stuff like this happens so you don't have to worry about where your bag is.


Sorry that happened to you, but as an AA res agent I'm glad you've decided to do biz with us instead. FYI AA is one of the few airlines left that doesn't outsource its call center agents.

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