Below is the letter I wrote to the Delta Airlines corporate office about a flight I recently took and the response I got:

I am writing to request a full reimbursement of my flight tickets and the expenses that I incurred while traveling due to the atrocious experience I suffered from Delta airlines. I was booked on Flight 1493 departing 11:50am to arrive at 1:15pm. I arrived at the airport and I looked on the flight status board and it read that my flight was cancelled. I received no phone call and no notification from Delta whatsoever. I had to wait in line at the ticketing desk to be told that I was automatically re-booked on Delta flight 1955 leaving from an entirely different airport. It is dead wrong to re-book someone at a different airport especially without telling them. That is grossly irresponsible of Delta not to notify passengers that they have been automatically re-booked not to mention deplorable customer service leaving it up to the passenger to find their own way to a completely different airport. I was lucky to have transportation because if not I would have been stranded with no way to get to the other airport and I would have missed my flight.

Delta flight 1955 left at 1:30pm and was scheduled to arrive at 2:45pm. Our flight left on time and the flight was progressing smoothly outside of some minor turbulence until we reached Baltimore, MD. As we were flying over Baltimore the flight crew told us that they were told to hold our location because of bad weather. We were flying over Baltimore for 40 minutes without any word until finally the flight crew told us we had to make an emergency landing at BWI to refuel. Several passengers, including myself, wanted the option of getting off the plane and taking alternative transportation to our destination but got no information from any Delta employee. In fact we were told nothing for one hour after we landed. There was a family with three very young children sitting in front of me that were very restless that had become hysterical. I had to endure their fits for the entire rest of my trip. Finally after one hour of just sitting on the BWI runway someone from the flight crew told us no one was allowed to leave the plane and we were just now starting to get fuel. Then we sat and waited for another hour and half with very little information from the flight crew or any Delta employee.

Meanwhile, my friend was waiting at the airport to pick me up. He did not find any information about my flight status on the airport flight status board. It wasn’t until he went to the traveler’s aid desk and they contacted Delta that he was told that my flight was in Baltimore. Nobody in was notified and neither was the airport. So now not only did Delta inconvenience the passengers on flight 1955 but they also inconvenienced the people waiting for their arrival. Shortly before 4:00pm my friend went back to the traveler’s aid desk to request an update and the traveler’s aid desk called Delta. Delta airlines stated that our plane left Baltimore and would arrive at 4:15pm. My friend called me and informed me of this and I told him it was a LIE because we were still on that ground at BWI and received no announcement about an eminent departure.

One hour and a half after the announcement made by the flight crew that we were just started to refuel we were told that we were finally ready for ***. At about 5:15pm we finally arrived. From the time of boarding until de-boarding I spent a total of over 4 hours on that plane. For the duration of the flight we were barely kept informed nor was the information given to us up to date which is drastic misconduct on the part of Delta airlines.

My entire day was consumed by the flight fiascos, deplorable lack of information given by Delta employees, and despicable customer service on the part of Delta airlines. Overall, a horrendous experience in which I am entitled to compensation. The actions taken on the part of Delta airlines can be characterized as nothing less than reprehensible therefore I formally request to be reimbursed for the total cost of my roundtrip airfare and the $12 USD my friend paid in parking fees for waiting for me at the airport for 3 hours. I appreciate a swift refund and apology. Please be aware that I will persist until I receive my compensation for the suffering I have endured from Delta airlines.

Response: I spoke to corporate customer service over the phone and I was told I supposedly was to receive an e-mail notification that my flight was cancelled and automatically re-booked. I checked my e-mail upon my return home and I received NO e-mail from Delta airlines. I was NOT notified of the flight changes or the flight cancellation by Delta airlines. Furthermore, I was told that it is not Delta airlines policy to refund a ticket due to weather related complications. However, the horrible experience that I suffered was only due in part to the weather. First of all I was told by a corporate customer service representative that the reason why my flight was cancelled in the first place was due to a mechanical problem. That is the fault of Delta airlines not the weather. The weather did not prevent someone from Delta airlines to notify me of my flight cancellation and automatic re-booking at a completely different airport. The weather was not responsible for the lack of information given by the Delta employees throughout the entire flight. Nor is the weather responsible for Delta airlines NOT notifying the airport of our flight status and then giving false information to all the people waiting. In addition, we were not given the option to de-board at BWI so I was held on the plane against my will. I was told by the corporate customer service representative that I spoke to that I would receive a $75 USD voucher but this is not acceptable. I was told I would have to wait one month until my complaint could be processed to receive any other information. One month later I called back and they have no record of my complaint and they refuse to compensate me in any way besides a $75 voucher. I told them to *** on their voucher because I am NEVER flying Delta again!

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Same story different flight. Will never fly Delta again.


We had a similar experience. We had reservations to fly out and return one week later.

On our return we were informed that flight had been moved 2 days. We were never notified of this change. Delta would not do anything except say we had to return on the flight 2 days later! We were forced to purchase tickets on American for over 2600 dollars to get home.

When I wrote Delta and requested a reimbursement for the American flights they refused.

The only thing they did was to credit the skymiles for the unused return flight.!

Delta refuses to take any responsibility for their screw-up! Customer service says there is no more they can do and won't give me anyone else to contact.

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