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Dear Customer Care,

We were just on the phone with a Delta representative. We have a few things to talk about today. We were trying to explain our situation about our miles not being rewarded to us. And we have had a horrible experience with one of the representatives over the phone.

As you can see through my accout, we travel a lot and we are loyal to the Delta skyteam partners. We travel several times per year from and to the USA and Asia. We always make sure to use our Delta skymiles number when traveling with their partner airlines. However, when we signed up for Delta and the skyteam partners, we searched for the rules online and through the skyteam web site. Many things were not clear.

First of all, after calling Delta and Skyteam, we didn't know how to use our skymiles number. We didn't know that we should just use one number for one airline for all of the skyteam partners. Now, we understand that. And I actually sent an email to the skyteam web site and got no response.

Secondly, we searched on the Delta web site for the rules and also called to speak to a representative but the representative wasn't even clear. We've pretty much had to figure out how the system works on our own - the hard way.

After flying multiple times with China Southern, we found out that we didn't get miles for some flights because "they did not qualify because of the class." So I called Delta and they told me to fax all of my ticket stubs and itinerary and I would get credited. So I faxed everything and didn't get a response. I understood later, through more sifting on delta.com that we didn't receive credit because of the class that we flew.

We know now that we should look at all of the rules and regulations when flying with Delta and its partners. However, when we spoke to a representative tonight to see if they can help us receive our miles or give us some miles, she was very rude and did not even listen to our problem. All she wanted to do was tell us that her customer service was letting us know about how the classes work with the skyteam partners, even though we already understood everything. She kept patronizing us saying that everything is on the web site and that Delta is always there to help. But, when we call Delta, some of the representatives don't know how to answer our questions or they tell us the wrong information.

Again, we've flown with delta and its skyteam partners regularly. All of the rules are unclear. And the lady we spoke to was very rude. Toward the end of the 55 minute call, we asked for her name and she didn't answer. We waited for five minutes for her answer and then she finally hung up the call. We were calling from skype, but we could hear her clearly and if there was some sort of interruption, skype would just hang up the call immediately. That was not the case. She was obviously still on the call and had put us on mute. We still don't know her name.

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