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I originally purchased a first class ticket for my fiancee through Pay pal, Atl to Norfolk,Virgina. Her aunt that raised her was very ill in Mississippi.

Her aunt passed early that morning 1 am I had to cancel her flight the next day to book at a later date. Delta assured me the refund would be issued in a few days.... 2 weeks later after the funeral my fiancee said she was ready to return home, I bought another first class ticket(thru my Credit Union) she had to cancel again because the attorneys needed to straighten out a discrepancy in the hospital bills and the insurance.She cancel again only to receive a non first class ticket and no refund for the difference,Delta told her that the ticket that I purchased was an internet special......Lie the tickets are $347 all day on their website....I called Delta about my original refund got the run around they said it was refunded back to Paypal.

I had to open a claims with Paypal and 2 weeks later still haven't received my refund. I will NOT let them keep my money!!

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Delta gouged us when my mother died and my son wanted to use her ticket. I'll never fly Delta again.


Lessons learned: (1) Always pay with a credit card as you have more rights and appeal options. (2) Try to purchase tickets directly with the airline. (3) Avoid cancelling any trips unless you clearly know beforehand what its cost is going to be.

And since most major airlines have the same rules as Delta when it comes to situations such as yours, you will likely suffer the same outcome should this happen again but with another carrier.


Delta has the worst reputation in this area and I agree, I will never fly Delta again after our expereience.


You admitted you did not purchase the ticket through or over the phone with delta but their your credit union? Why is this delta's fault if your credit union put rules on the ticket?


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