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Delta airlines screwed up my entire summer travel vacation. Told me 15 mins before departure I was going to miss my connecting flight.

Would not leave until the next day. Fine, things happen. My insurance won't cover the pre paid deposits I made because it was a "mechanical error" Delta's fault. Delta won't compensate either.

Fine, things happen. I was out already $400 so I asked if I can get a refund, they said yes because I had not left yet and it was their fault. One week later, no refund and not even a request was made. Will not refund my money whatsoever.

They will lie to you and hope you forget about it before its too late. I did everything right and Delta blamed me for chosing a flight with a short layover! Blamed ME!

DO NOT fly with delta, this was my first and last time.

This is fraud and extortion at the highest levels.

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I too have been severly disappointed by this airline. Due to a mechanical error I missed my connecting flight and had to spend the night in a hotel.

To make matters worse, during the confusion of having to reboard another plane the customer service was very unsympathetic and sparse.

My new flight the next day only allowed me a two hour sleep in the hotel and my flight was extended by a futher 7 hours because they did not put me on a direct flight to my final destination.

To top things off I was told that I would be receiving compensation for the mechanical error in the post but nothing has arrived. I have since contacted customer service, but true to form, nothing was resolved.

I will avoid flying this airline again at all costs! I am sorry to hear that you have had such a negative experiene with them as well.


Well, it seems that this was almost my same case of Rajkumar who wrote here in august 28, 2010.

In october 23, 2009 I bought an e-ticket for my disabled sister to fly with me from Ontario, California to Michigan in October 28, 2009. Things didnt work due to her disease and even Delta Air Lines made me support my cancellation with a letter from her Nursing Home. Did it. They told me that in a year I have to file for a refund of that ticket of $ 480.20 USD.

In October 12, 2010 I went to the airport to file for the refund and everything seemed to be perfect. They told me that I had to go back next day to be paid the refund. Grea ! That afternoon, they phoned me that her boss said the payment I will receive it from Delta Refunds Department in 7 days. Great !

In November 3rd, 2010 (Today), we called them to say we havent received the check yet...and they sent me through several call numbers, chat from their Web, and most of them told me: "Im sorry, I cant

do nothing about that".

What is their explanation? That the eticket is now expired. But why come??? if I went to the airport before the expiration of the purchase of that eticket, which was bought October 23, 2009 and I went to the airport for refund in October 12, 2010 ???!!

I feel really desperate due to this response of Delta Air Lines. If you know there is an authority who protect flight customers, please let me know in my email Thanks

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