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I am experiencing a very unprofessional behavior by Delta Airlines. I called couple of days ago Delat airlines mentioning the winter storm coming to Wisconsin.

My 4 year iold kid is waiting for me in Houston and I am trying to get there in atemely manner. So i call the airline and I aks if it is possible to reschedule the flight. It turns out that if I reschedule before the flight is canceled or delayed I have to pay $150 and I have to pay the extra for the last minute ticket (about $600 in this case for one way trip). So I decide to wait..

Delta cancels the flight just few hours before the departure. I was checking every half an hour to make sure to be able to reschedule for the next day. When finally the flight is (as exected) canceled, I try to reschedule online, but the website is not responding ( I guess the system is jammed by people trying to do the same). At the same time I call and after 1hour and half I am finally able to talk to a representative who tells me theer are no flights available until two days after the scheduled departure.At the last minute, after paayinga nd imploring, they put me on a next day flight.

After other 3 hours this flight is canceld as well... so , I am now holding waiting to speak with a representative (1 hour and half holding so far)...

the wesite is barely working and it's not showing any availabel flights that I can use... and they are messing up my family's Christmas...

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Escanaba, Michigan, United States #585412

Family going through same type of bs, in Detroit. Saturday Flight overbooked, they are bumped and next flight leaves Monday!

Oh but we will give you x $ for inconvenience. And, family is told they don't have flight availability with another airline.

So they will lose day of vacation, actually 2 with today's travel.

Their flight is only one to our airport each day, leaving Detroit at 7:40pm. They arrived in detroit at 3:45 pm ( from tampa) and not until hr before boarding were they informed.

Bunch of bs.

Folks, stay away from Delta Airlines. If you can help it!

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