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We have been trying to book international tickets on Delta for weeks. We find a flight and price that we like and go to the very end of the confirmation process (after loading passenger info, seat selection and credit card info) and then we get a notice that the price has changed!!!!!!!!

And it mysteriously goes up 30% each time. We were told by Delta that prices change by the minute, but this time we went through a different vendor and booked tickets simultaneously.

The other vendor gave us the price quoted and Delta, of course, raised the price. This is classic bait and switch and should be illegal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I searched for a flight on google flights, got flight with price Xmid that took me to Delta's website, when on the website I get a pop-up saying "Your flight price has gone down to Xlow per ticket, press continue to buy with that price otherwise modify your search". Of course I click on continue, get to select the seats, enter all other info, then reach to pay using my credit-card.

After clicking to pay, you get this payment processing webpage then at the end it says "Looks like there's high demand on this flight" and that the price went up to Xhigh which was almost 150$ higher than Xmid and way higher than the price I got at the beginning (Xmin).

I cancel the payment, clear cookies, am in incognito mode, go on VPN and then do the search again on google flights , end up with Xmid again, get sent to Delta's website , same Xmin and then click continue and the same Xhigh at the end. I did this 3 times and got the same exact numbers.

They can't claim that demand changed from high to low as soon as I did the the google search again and 3 TIMES WITH THE SAME EXACT PRICES.

It's straight up bait and switch and IS ILLEGAL. I hope some class-action is taken against them.

Fleming Island, Florida, United States #1296881

The problem is that you do not know whether the ownership of the ticket by the third party agent made the sale possible. Some large website travel agencies buy tickets from the airlines.

Some even buy heavily discounted tickets from the airlines--bucket shops. An agency may still have tickets to sell at that price, when Delta does not. That is why you do not know whether there is any misconduct in the tickets sold by Delta.

Think of the tickets as layers on a wedding cake with the cheapest at the bottom and the most expensive on the top layer.

When the tickets in the bottom level are sold, the ticket price jumps up to that of the next layer up of the cake. That is one reason ticket prices jump as the lower level priced tickets are sold while you are purchasing.

Also, how many people are you seeking tickets for. Say there are two tickets left in the lowest cake level ($100), but you want six.

The website will show $100 tickets are available. If you wanted 2 tickets, you would get the $100 price for each. But when you put in you want six tickets, those $100 tickets are no longer available TO YOU because the airlines is not going to sell 2 tickets to you at $100 and 4 tickets at the next rate up of $200. The six tickets you receive will all be sold at $200.

This will make the $100 tickets show up as no longer available TO YOU, even though 2 tickets may still be remaining. This is not bait and switch.

We normally see this the other way around. Say a grocery store says soda is $1.00 a can, but only 50 cents if you buy a 12 pack.

If you don't want a 12 pack, you are going to pay $1.00, that is not bait and switch.

The airline ticket prices are the same. We have this many tickets in the $100 cake layer, but when they are gone, the price will be $200 from the next layer up.

to Anonymous #1369276

Funny. This is happening to me, ON the DELTA website.

It isn't a third party agent. It IS a bait and switch.


" Delta that prices change by the minute"

LOL!!! You tried to game the system and have the nerve to complain.

Wouldn't it be funny to learn your little silly game resulted in higher fares.

Next time book your flight and leave the games in the drawer

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