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My ex-husband, John, abnd I share custody of our adult son, who is severely disabled with autism. I have been seriously ill for over a year and John has had to do more than his share with our son, who requires 24-hour care.

As a way of thanking him, I bought him a surprise birthday present on

Travelocity, a trip to New York, which is on his "bucket list" of places to see (we are in our 60s). The surprise was on me, when he refused my gift and was actually upset by it, because he didn't want me to plam a trip for him without his knowledge. I had no way of knowing this and expected that he would be thrilled.

A few HOURS after making the reservation, I called Travelocity and begged for a refund. They refunded the hotel charges but said that Delta would not refund the $229 airline ticket. I have contacted Delta several times in the past month and they wouldn't budge on a refund, or on transferring the ticket to myself or someone else (John does not want it). Keep in mind, I had the reservation for less than 6 hours when I tried to cancel.

This seems likie harsh punishment for a well meaning person with a difficult life. I am unable to work because of my son and live on a fixed income. This was a lot of money to me and much less to the largest airline in the country.

You have to wonder why.

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Killingworth, Connecticut, United States #146464

Punishment? Maybe it has more to do with Delta's policy than punishing you because you have a difficult life.

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