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I am writing this letter to convey my extreme disappointment with the anguish that was brought upon my family due to the carelessness of Delta Airlines. It is today that I am receiving my first follow up call from your airline since my calls and emails to your corporate office regarding my father who was missing for 2 days by fault of your airline telling me he was on a flight that he never boarded.

My father, was booked on a US Airways flight (#3610) on January 25th, 2010 from Greer Greenville/Spartanburg to Philadelphia International. The flight was changed at the airport where his ticket was changed to a Delta flight making a stopover in Atlanta where he would change planes and arrive at New York LaGuardia at 8:30 p.m. My family and I were at the airport waiting to greet him but he never showed up. When we inquired at the Delta desk, they told us that he was indeed on that plane as his ticket was scanned. The Delta representatives were extremely uncooperative. We explained that my father is bipolar and was on his way to New York for medical treatment. Again, they told us he was on that flight and there was nothing more that they could tell us or do for us. They were much more interested in a missing bag and continued to discuss that over the priority of a human life. What was more infuriating was my father's luggage DID arrive at LaGuardia but not him. Well, obviously if his ticket was scanned and they did a head count – who was on the plane taking his place??? He surely didn't exit at 35,000 feet. Also, if (God forbid) something happened to the plane, would Delta have told us he was dead????? At this point we were ready to have a search initiated in the Hudson River to look for his body. Isn't it policy to check each person's identity that get's onto a plane? Yes it certainly is last I checked! You put someone else on a flight with my father's name on the plane roster...which your employees SHOWED us.

We were at the airport until 5:30 a.m. the next day. Exhausted, we went home, made flyers with his picture and description. Also, contacted the NY Police Department who in turn notified the NY Detectives Bureau. We had a missing persons alert in South Carolina, New York and Atlanta. We tried to contact Delta directly but the only way they would let us contact them was via email with a note "it can take up to 3 days for us to get back to you! Well it took longer than that because I just received a phone message from a David Hayes who must have been busy on another call because I haven't heard back.

Well, thanks to the Detectives, my father was located at the Atlanta airport, still sitting in the seat he occupied after the first phase of his flight. It wasn't until after 3 o'clock that he was located having no food or drink in almost twenty-four hours.

In closing, I want to reiterate the lack of compassion demonstrated by Delta personnel, family mental anguish not knowing if my father was "dead or alive", total lack of sensitivity and indifference toward another human being and my family.

Absolutely no one associated with Delta wanted to go out of their way to help or should I say "just do their job"…..this is just a travesty! It will be my pleasure to communicate this horrible story and hope that no other family has to go through what mine did.

I know now to not have any trust in Delta, an airline I have traveled frequently all of my life and make a mission to make sure others are aware of your company's lack of care for the people that fly your airline

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Loudon, New Hampshire, United States #228665

Letting a mentally unstable relative fly alone- family FAIL!

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