Upon arrival home from flying with Delta I was informed by a lifeless employee that my bag was lost. Informing me of their protocol in a mono-toned and robotic fashion much like their customer help-line.

Within that bag I had my one winter coat...my one of two un-ripped pants...all my undergarments and 2 years of my artwork. Mind you I am a 20 year old to make my way and "re-buying" these items would take a toll on my financial stability. Just as well the loss of my artwork developed a slight panic and gut wrenching stab to the heart took some effort to calm.

Its been the allotted 5 days and I made my list of items, prices, stores, cities and dates of each article and its purchase.

I was informed that once my list was overlooked and evaluated an allotted amount of money would be mailed...in 6-8 weeks.

Many items in that bag such as undergarments, typical necessities and my only winter coat are items that I currently do not have the financial means to just go out and get...while waiting on a check from Delta.

The apathy and disregard from Delta and my deep frustration, stress and incomprehensible soulful heartbreak should be enough to let every flyer know that Delta cannot be trusted.

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