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Hi, I want to raise a complaint about my flight with Delta Airlines. As I was seating in seat 2A, I wanted to go to the toilet, the seatbelt sign was off and Iwaited till the toilet in front of me gets free.

I saw a person going out and then stand up to go to the toilet. There was the trolley which was blocking the way so I pushed sideway it to pass on the side of it.

Then one of the flight attendant shouted at me "GO BACK TO YOUR SEAT", I didn't know what was happening and she continued to shout "GO BACK TO YOUR SEAT" without any explanation. I was just stuck trying to figure out what was happening. Then another flight attendant which seemed much more professional explained me that the pilot was out of his cabin and I need to keep seeted until he gets back to it.

I understood this and came back to my seat. Then I could go back to the toilet and when I exited the person who shouted at me said "Thank you" in a very unpleasant way. I agree that there are security procedures onboard but this does not justify to shout on passengers without a reason and even if this happens the person can just say sorry after. I fly a lot but was never treated this way and will consider twice before flying Delta again.

Regards. I sent this complaint to Delta / SkyTeam and had just a standard answer from KLM.

This never reached Delta. You get a better customer service in a low cost than in Delta business !

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight Attendant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Delta Airlines Cons: Customer service.

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JFK Delta staff are terrible. Had to deal with "Need Help" desk at JFK.

They were rude, slow, and unprofessional.

3 staff people standing around joking with each other while customers waiting in long lines. Should be called, "No Help" desk.

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