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1/3/11 sent letter to Delta with concern for a charge of &85. for a carry-on bag that the Delta Check In Person said was to large. This charge was we were leaving Geneva Switzerland, I did not have any problems departing out of Chicago O'Hara. The carry-on measured the correct size which is required by FAA & was not over packed. The Delta Check in Person was firm & would not go along with placing the bag in the carry-on bag checker.

1/26/11 received a reply from Delta, Case #2405996 - Mr. Harley stated that he was sorry, but was unable to assist as to many concerns come across there desk each day. I am not impressed with Delta's Customer Service nor the response received. Additional training is needed for your Delta Check In people at the European side of your business. Delta customers need to be treated the same weather you are in the US state or traveling abroad. It appears you have two standards, please get on board & run the company as one unit.

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I had a similar problem with 3 checked bags to Mexico. According to Delta's guidelines, the first checked bag is free.

We were charged $75 for three bags, which made no sense as the charge for the second bag is $35. Emails to Delta's customer care was similar to your letters, full of platitudes about being a valued customer and bs. I put a dispute hold on my credit card and let Delta know I did this. VISA asked for more information and within 3 weeks as of yesterday, VISA sent a letter stating we have been credited for the $75 from Delta.

Hoorah! Sometimes you can fight and win.

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