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I was recently forced to cancel a family vacation for which I had redeemed 180,000 SkyMiles. When I called to request those miles be redeposited into my SkyMiles account, I was stunned by what I was told - $150 PER TICKET to redeposit those miles?

You've got to be kidding? I was further shocked to learn that the $337 in "taxes and fees" I paid when I made the reservation would not be refunded – in spite of the fact that Delta has not and will not incur those fees! What is this $337 worth of goodwill? Can I deduct it as a charitable contribution?

I didn't think I could be surprised any longer by the "non-service fees" Delta has created in an effort to become profitable; but you succeeded!

$937 to CANCEL a trip paid for with SkyMiles? I'm sorry, but this joke is no longer funny.

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WOW..Thanks for the heads up! Wont be flying with them, ever!

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