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My family booked four skymile tickets on the website using three different skymile accounts, with three confirmation numbers yesterday. After we reserved it and the website mentioned that it has 24 hours window for issuing the tickets. At that time, it is $110 for each ticket (with $100 redemption fee). The representative did not mention anything about it or said the redemption fee will change. By the time when I tried to finish the process next day - only several hours different (the redemption fee becomes $150 each ticket).

I was upset and called the representative again and they said there was nothing they can do about it. The computer can not change. You either want the ticket or they will automatically be cancelled at the end of the day. Nothing is clear for this kind of rules - several hours different - I need to pay $200 more for four tickets. Yet, when I was on the phone with representative yesterday, I asked them to finish the ticket process. Everytime, the representative told me that you don't want to do that because you will charge for $20.00 processing fee with a human each ticket. In other words, they say you will not want to spend $80.00 more. But then wait for several hours and I got charged for $200.00 more (but no one warns me at all).

Then, finally I submitted to pay for the extra-$200 redemption fee on top of $440.00 (redemption fee). After I paid for the first three tickets, then suddenly I found that my daughter ticket was cancelled for no reason. When I called the third representative, she said that my daugther ticket has cancelled one day ago because it expired. I questioned how come all the other tickets are still there and they are perfectly ok. Yet, my daughter's ticket was cancelled since they all reserved at the same time. She asked us to re-book the ticket online again. We said we could not find the exact flight for my daughter anymore and we asked her to help. She said once again, you don't want $20.00 more dollars for booking through a human-person. I insisted this time. The representative said she would do it, and finally put us on hold and then for over half an hour and then us off.

I called the four representative. Explained the whole thing again. She looked at the four tickets with all confirmations. This time, she did not argue with us. She put us on hold for another hour and said that she needed us to pay extra 7500 skymile for exactly the same seat we reserved yesterday (then, the website said the seat all sold-out, and then it is not our fault just because the computer cancelled my daughter's ticket). When I did not agree for this treatment, she said she went back to the supervisor again. this time, she got the ticket, everything exactly the same... (miraculously the flight did not have seat before... now it has a seat for my daughter). Then, I got charged extra $20.00 on top of $160.00 for the redemption fee.

This kind of craziness of booking tickets cost us 100,000 miles and then, stress, arguments within my wife and me. make a huge concern to my daughter and she is afraid she was left behind. And it costs me $220 more dollars for the redemption fee. At the end, spend me over 5-6 hours on the computer and talking to a human (everytime said it will cost you $20.00). It is so frustrated. I cannot believe a big company doing that to her customers

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