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After delayed flight from SFO caused rebooking to a later flight to Duluth, my checked bag did not arrive in Duluth despite a nearly 2 hour lay over.

I was told the bag was still in Minneapolis and would arrive on the first flight at 11 am the next morning, it did not, nor did it arrive on the next 3 successive opportunities and I was then told it would not arrive until 9 pm that night because "that's how Minneapolis operates"

Customer Service was non responsive and unable to contact a manager directly to look into the problem.

When asked why it kept missing the flights I was told they may have 'weight restrictions', really??, at some point isn't the airline responsible to be able to have a plane that can meet it's capacity needs? Moreover, apparently I was being told my bag was a second class citizen to others in the "raffle" as to what bags were put on the regional carrier.

Customer service was inept and impotent to solve the problem and no more valuable than the web site that never changed the status.

To say Delta Minneapolis operations management and those "hardworking" baghandlers were incompetent in performing this basic service is beyond an understatement

I fly over 100K miles a year with American and United and while they have their issues from time to time I have never seen an airline with employees less interested and empowered to solve a problem than delta

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I'm going thru that right now. Delta is inept.

I have flown with them twice in the past month and both times they misrouted my luggage. Currently my luggage is sitting in Las Vegas (for the last 24 hours)instead of arriving in Los Angeles, from Honolulu. Despite being told it would go out last nite to Los Angeles it ended up in Vegas, and now Delta is unwilling to assure me it will arrive here in LA. I have asked for simple confirmation by phone if and when the bag is picked up and delivered to LA, said can't assure that.

so no clothes, without prescription meds, etc. Thinking about suing since I can't seem to find any recourse and no one is willing to accept responsibility or help

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