I missed a connecting flight due to bad weather and my original flight was circling the airport. We landed with my homebound flight taking off only 1/4 full because 3/4 of us were in the air.

Why they didn't wait 10 minutes and leave without stranding passengers. The ticket agents were RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL. The lack of professionalism is embarrassing. There were 2 elderly ladies that had been in the airport stuck for 2 days and not one Delta employee tried to help these ladies.

Complete strangers had to help them get on a flight. RIDICULOUS. They did not offer any vouchers for food or hotel. On top of everything, they change terminals without telling passengers.

No, they don't update the monitors and then change terminals I guess that is their way of trying to get people to miss flights that they have overbooked and bump people. After I finally get on a flight, at 7:30 am, the man next to me was drunk and smelled of vomit. This is to top off the flight to Baltimore where a flight attendant spilled hot coffee all over my slacks and shirt ruining these cloths with coffee stains and I had to wear them all day and into my business meeting. She did not apologize - it was business as usual.

CRAPPY service. To top it off the restrooms on both flights weren't even truck stop clean. How hard is it to keep these essential places CLEAN and not a health hazarrd.

These would never pass Health Dept standards. Delta deserves to go out of business.

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight Attendant.

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