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Return: Entered multiple times to check-in, two different emails. Were you trying to make me late or just increase anxiety and reduce the enjoyment of my trip?

And on the departure: What kind of company delays departures of a full flight with connections because the snacks weren't on board? The only reason I made my connection is because I ran. Why did you call me to the desk and ask me where I was traveling after I had entered the information. Then you pretended like you couldn't hear me--that jeopardizes my safety and you know it.

You lost your conscience years ago. Shame on you for using security concerns (ironically) to do whatever you feel like.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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" reduce the enjoyment of my trip"

Did you enjoy your trip? If so, chalk it up to one of those things and move on with your so-called life.

to Anonymous #1401685

It's good general advice but when people come together in a concerted effort or are so disengaged in their jobs that it effects me and others in a big way, that's really messed up and needs a response--to say the least. Am I supposed to be grateful that they let me on the plane or wait until they don't?

Why did you respond this way, may I ask? Are you part of the "klan?"

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