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We bought two tix to Paris from US six months ahead of time. We carefully selected our seats, together, window, near the front, so we could have a comfortable flight. The day of departure we started getting texts that our first domestic flight was delayed. We called and rescheduled, then another text saying delayed, recalled and rescheduled, then another saying cancelled, recalled and struggled to understand what we were supposed to do. Finally were obliged to rebook the whole trip for the next day. Our careful planning was out the window, people expecting us on the other side put out, reservations cancelled and money lost, no compensation offered by Delta.

But it gets worse.

The next day, no texts, but when we get to the airport, an hour delay before boarding leads to another two hours in the plane which remained at the gate. Packed in like sardines, we are given seats that don't recline because of course we are considered last minute (although we purchased six months ago). People are shoving older passengers and the crew is blaming those who cannot move fast enough for the delay. The pilot comes out screaming at a frightened passenger, even though we had been told it was a "weather" delay (clear skies, mild temperatures) and then a mechanical issue.

Subsequently, articles appear in the press about a massive computer glitch that disrupted Delta schedules over several days. So it was no passenger's fault, but Delta employees don't care who they offend.

Well, the connection to Paris is missed, and everyone on the plane is scattered all around the large airport to try to board flights on other airlines. We see a woman holding her chest and saying, My heart, but a Delta employee yells at us to move or we are going to miss our connection at Air France. Air France does not have any seats available so the joke is on us.

After midnight, many of us are to be found at an airport hotel, where the kitchen is already closed, though there are the most expensive Rice Krispie treats we've ever seen. The hotel desk clerk shows us a huge stack of vouchers, and we wearily but cheerfully ask for the best room in the house. Luckily there is a room left! The clerk says it's like this all the time because of "weather" making air quotes.

Without much sleep because we stayed up on hold with Delta trying to figure out what to do, we attempt to find a flight back to our home airport. We try to check in and it's another fiasco. Now that it's a domestic flight, we need to pay for our luggage. Then we are treated to the spectacle of vying with many others for standby tickets. Shamefully, we find ourselves competing with other just as deserving passengers for a place on yet another delayed, misconnected, overbooked and otherwise disastrous flight. We laugh when we are seated in the very last row in non-reclining seats that we (two skinny minnies) can barely wedge into, and joke to the passengers across the tiny aisle that we got an upgrade (they had similar seats but didn't even have a window).

Then the nausea began. From our little window we could hear, feel and smell the engines whirring and the trucks loading. The exhaust was overpowering. We were thankful that we had decided to give up on going to Paris with Delta and only had a 1.5 hour flight to withstand at this point. But that 1.5 hours was spent with pounding headaches and on the *** of vomiting, which would come when we finally got home.

Waiting to deplane, we were elated to see our two bags coming out of the plane! We had survived! Unfortunately we were sick as dogs for the next week and a half, our vacation time spent at home between the bedroom and the bathroom. Thanks Delta!

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Delta Airlines and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Delta Airlines to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was delays in flights, cancellation of flight, never reached destination and made us sick. Author liked the most i survived the flight. If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following company: United Airlines. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Delta Airlines and delta airlines flight for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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Look up "trip in vain" and see if using that you can get your money back because by the time you missed your flight twice, there was no reason to go to Paris.

to Anonymous #1108450

Thank you, that is the secret term. They refunded the ticket citing "trip in vain" -- but offered nothing to help with everything we missed and all of our expenses and planning for over six months, or gave us any incentive to travel again.

Are we supposed to be happy we got a refund? It's still a big loss and we continue to suffer health impacts.

Thanks again :)

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