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I would like to start off this letter by stating that I haven't flown Delta in about ten years due to the service that I had encountered previously. This year I decided to give your airline another chance. This trip was by far the most insulting, and discriminatory experience within my lifetime.

Flight Number: 5953

Firstly, the flight was delayed by two hours, from which Delta stated that it was due to weather related issues in Chicago. I had checked the weather all day and there was no inclement weather occurring in Chicago. I had confirmed this with the family that I was staying, with whom live in Chicago, that there was no inclement weather all. Secondly, my companion and I had to ask the Delta customer service reps if the plane was delayed and why it hadn't been announced. The customer service rep at the desk was quite rude and ignored us. Who then immediately picked up the microphone and announced the delay. I would also like to add that the flight an hr before ours, also to Chicago, left on time with no delays.

Secondly, I have never experience discrimination from any company in my entire life as I did while on the flight to Chicago. I would like to state that I am in a same sex relationship and we were discriminated against by one of your stewardess (Flora) while on this flight. During the flight I became sleepy and laid my head on my partners lap. Then at one point I adjusted my sleeping position and the stewardess (Flora) immediately ran over to us. She told us that we had to stop, that what we were doing was inappropriate. Yet, the heterosexual couple sitting to the right of us were hugging and kissing, but that wasn't appropriate I assume. My partner and I were extremely insulted, as well as, feeling very discriminated against.

Thirdly, not even a half hr later the same stewardess (Flora) spilled an entire drink on me. The tray was currently down and I was unable to get up from my seat. I had to stay in the seat until we could clean off the tray and remove all items before I could get up to clean myself off. Mean while I spent a few minutes sitting in my work cloths drench in alcohol. The same stewardess shorted us on our change from purchasing drinks on the plane, we informed her and she never got back to us.

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You're both wrong... Check your facts Delta takes cash only for on board alcohol/food purchases.


Delta has not accepted cash on board for domestic flights since early 2010, so the story is a lot of fantasy. I have actually flew to Chicago from NY and had to land in Detroit, even thought the weather was fine in Chicago due to thunderstorms on the way there.


Obviously you fly a lot and are probably even a pilot so much of what I say will be stuff you already know.

Most people realize that planes fly, not drive on the ground, so even though the weather, either currently or predicted, may be perfect on the ground, at 25,000-30,000 feet altitude (where planes usually hang out) the weather can be much different. Your friend in Chicago looking out of her kitchen window would not have a clue as to what the weather at altitude was like.

As far as laying down in your partner's lap - the issue is safety, not whether or not you 2 are going to get it on. laying sideways across seats is normally not allowed due to safety issues. Being tired, most folks will simply recline their seats.

I also have to question your spill story as most airlines no longer accept real money - only charge cards - for in-flight purchases. So that kills a lot of your credibility.

Don't use the fact that your in a *** relationship as some evil reason for being "supposedly" discriminated against. You just make it bad for all *** folks, hiding behind that. If you're a jack-***, just admit it.

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