as a recent customer, i flew to holland. i required a wheelchair assistance and let the airline know well in advance. the first conection was delayed and the person who took me down the ramp ran into two sets of ofher passengers before we boarded.

we arrived late and had to wait again. the next helper had to look around for the chair that was suppose to be ready for me.

there were many delays there and back and we had to stay in hotel, paid for by delta, that did not have wheelchairs. the room was close to the front desk, and i was able to make it, but suffered greatly.

i wrote to delta, but have never heard back

if you are in a wheelchair, delta is not the airline for you.

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you're rude, that's not special treatement.

All airlines are required by law to have a wheelchair available with no more than 15 minutes wait. I read a lot of "airline complaints" on this site and all of them are ludicrous except for this one, this is the first one where I have to blame the airline.

Fortunately things got better, I actually read several internal memos from Delta regarding not being prompt with wheelchair assistance. The airline gets fines for breaking this law.


Atlanta is a very big airport and sometimes you have to wait for the wheelchair. People who do not book them also take them. You only have to walk if you do not wamt to wait a few minutes.


Same thing just happened to my mother in law that was visiting from Italy. While transferring in Atlanta.

the airline ignoreg her wheelchair request and as a result, she had to walk 1.5 miles to her connecting gate.

She doesn't speak English, She has two bad knees, and is a diabetic. So Irish, if you are being condecending, you are a ***.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #215445

So basically you want special treatment because you are disabled.

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