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The last two times I have flown Delta, I have been sent to a gate in Terminal 6, instead of being serviced within Delta's own terminal, Terminal 5. I have priviledges to use the Crown Room through my American Express Platinum card, but there is not a Crown Room in Terminal 6. I went to the Continental Lounge in Terminal 6 and was denied access.

I asked which terminal I would be flying out of and I was told Terminal 5. I went early to relieve the stress of flying, figuring that I would be able to freshen up and relax in the lounge.

Instead, I had to walk all the way to Terminal 6 from Terminal 5. Once I reached there, I was sent outside to stand in a line that made me walk all the way back to Terminal 5 for the security screening. At that time, there was not a line in Terminal 5. So I walked the better part of 1 & 1/2 miles to stand outside in a line instead of being in the lounge. But I calmed my self by saying I would be in the lounge shortly.

Once through security, I went to the lounge in Terminal 6, but it was a Continental Lounge. With a Delta ticket I was not permitted to enter. But they suggested that I walk all the way back to the Terminal 5 lounge. This would have required walking again back to Terminal 6 to board the plane.

To add more aggravation, when I returned to LAX today, I asked my secretary to pick me up at Delta. My plane again, came into Terminal 6, which required me to walk, with my luggage, all the way back to Terminal 5, which is where the Delta signs are and where I asked my secretary to pick me up.

This is not fair to any of the Delta passengers! And especially not fair to me who pays $400 to American Express Platinum card primarily because their membership allows me access to the Delta Crown Room.

By the way, the Crown room in Memphis is sensational, and I did enjoy that today.

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Delta has gone downhill bigtime. They used to value all of their customers and especially the ones with the Crown membership, but now?

They could care less.

Chet - sorry about the loss of your mom. As if that wasn't bad enough, you had to deal with the Delta BS.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #180863

my wifes mom died while she was in philippines 2 days before she left...we had to cancel return flight and there were no flights available for months so we bought a 1100$ ticket home...i asked them for a discount and they basically laughed...i understand it was a restricted ticket but they suck...her flight from tokyo to US had some empty seats too so i feel like i spent 2300$ total on a delta r/t to phils, it would not have bankrupted them to give some sort of discount

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